Last night, my girlfriends and I got some serious froyo cravings. We all piled in a car and headed to Mohawk Commons to hit up Sweet Frog, but when we got there, they were turning off the illuminated open sign and wiping down the machines. We quickly googled T.C.B.Y., another local froyo place, to see if it also closed at 9 p.m., which it unfortunately did. Despite the disappointment, we had one last option: Stewart’s.

As a Massachusetts native, I had never been to a Stewart’s until Union College, but even so, I cannot believe that my first trip to Stewart’s did not come until the middle of my junior year! It rocks, and was the perfect place to pick up some late night treats. In addition to your typical convenience store snacks, Stewart’s also provides ice cream. Not bought by the pint, but scooped right there for you, with plenty of unique flavors. To say I’ve become obsessed is definitely an understatement. I had the mint cookie crumbie and brownie fudge sundae flavors…perfect combination.

If you’re ever craving something sweet during winter term, when you’re bound to go stir crazy, make a trip to Stewart’s!