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I’m sure everyone on campus, students, faculty & visitors, have all seen Union’s ‘logo’ with the ‘motto’ around it, but few know what it means. The logo, featuring Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom, is surrounded by a phrase in French. The phrase is “Sous les lois de Minerve, nous devenons tous frères”.  Luckily for me I have studied French for almost nine years so I was able to translate this into English: “Under the laws of Minerva, we all become brothers”.



While technically now it should be “we all become brothers and sisters“, Union was originally an all-male school when this motto was adopted. Now that I know what it means it makes me think of Union a little differently. One of the main reasons I chose to come to Union was for the strong sense of community I felt amongst the students when I visited, and I still feel this connection every day. This slogan really does reflect how Union’s students bond together on campus.

Union College Logo

The Union College Logo

I have found during my three years at Union that almost every student I come in contact with is completely in love with this school and feels an extreme sense of pride for everything Union has to offer. While I originally noticed this on campus when I visited during high school, being on campus every day has really shown me how the students here understand each other because we are bonded under a common curriculum and common values provided by Union.

Outside Memorial Chapel

Outside Memorial Chapel

I love feeling connected to my peers on campus and hopefully more people will begin to understand the true meaning of this slogan and what Union stands for!

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Jordan '15

Hi! My name is Jordan Pulling, an Environmental Science major and French double major with a minor in Environmental Engineering in Union College's class of 2015 hailing from the village of Old Forge in upstate New York. I have been in love with Union ever since my Dad (Class of '76) started bringing me to the Schenectady campus at the ripe old age of 10 years old. Between the architecture to the student community, I wouldn't change a thing about this little slice of heaven. When I first came to campus as a student in September of 2011, I immediately hurled myself into everything the great U has to offer. I never miss an opportunity to proudly rave Union while giving tours and advising first-year students during orientation. My major accomplishments at Union (so far!) have been attaining leadership positions in 3 environmentally focused clubs on campus, a council position in my Minerva (woo Messa House!), and being the Women's Varsity coxswain on the crew team! When I'm not shuffling between things during the week, you can find me doodling in my class notes, trying to learn how to play the guitar (or strumming my ukulele), tending to my slightly drooping aloe plant, Reamer-ratting, or taking advantage of the sunlight! Here at Union I wouldn't have my days any other way. Never been more in love with U.....!

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