So there’s been a lot of snow lately. And it’s been pretty cold. I can’t complain too much because I did choose to go to school in upstate New York, I’ll admit that it is hard to get outside when there are indoor options. But the snow can be so much fun. I’m asking my mom to bring my cross country skis and snowshoes so that I can hopefully play around with those a bit. I haven’t yet made it onto a ski trip (I make terrible decisions early in the morning when I should be waking up to get in line), though I must go this year. I haven’t since December!

But there are other things to do without all the equipment. I know a lot of people go outside to appreciate the beauty (you see it all over Instagram…#NottShot). But also some people go outside to just play. During a study break, or after a long night, it’s refreshing to get outside and just…play.

IMG_2230 IMG_1220 IMG_2277

you can see how deep the snow is compared to me in this photo taken by the Director of Student Activities, who is also a photographer: