I love films and I like to stay connected to the world of cinema. Therefore, the Academy Awards is a big event that I do not want to miss. Last year, I watched it in Afghanistan in my pajamas in my bed. I had to wake up at 4:00 am local time because of the time difference. But this year it was totally different. Thanks to the Green Minerva House Council here at Union.


An invitation was sent out a week before the event. I signed up for it. Four days later, I had my ticket in my mail box. Everyone was asked to dress up for the event. There was also a prize for the best dress. The winner is yet to be announced.


Before the event begin we did a photo shoot, red carpet style.

Oscar Night 2

Then food was served. We sat around a table like a nice big happy family.


Green House was welcoming and accommodating as always. The big screen TV, the comfortable couches and the group of friends made the event an outstanding experience.


We celebrated Academy Awards in Style. Not to mention it was a good long study break from the stress of preparing for the finals.