On Monday, the Russian and Eastern European Culture Club held elections for next year’s club positions. The elections were this early simply because we have so many members of our club going on the trip to Russia in the Spring, which Mary Locke is also going on. The elections appointed a Provisional Government for this Spring while a good portion of our club is away, as well as positions for next year’s club. I’m happy to say that I was elected Vice President of the Russian and Eastern European Culture Club for the 2014-2015 school year, a position I’m honored to receive and excited to manage. I’d previously acted as co-secretary of the REECC, sending out emails about our events and meetings and trying to get more people to come to our event. Mary was also elected onto the REECC Executive Board, winning herself the position of Public Relations Chair.

I’m also excited today about a different set of elections, elections for the WRUC Radio Union College Executive Board. I’ve been attending Board meetings since Fall of last year and I’ve been beginning to direct myself toward working in the Music Department of the station. With all the students we have graduating out of the club, I will become one of the senior members of the club and, as has been made clear to me on a few occasions, next in line for the General Manager position. This is something I am entirely unprepared for, and a position I have decided to decline. There are more capable hands than mine who could do a better job of steering the station into greatness. I don’t have much experience managing something quite so large as Union’s radio club, especially since I don’t have a lot of experience with the technology of the station, but I would like to take a more prominent role in the club as other students leave. We’ll see how the elections go tonight.