For some of you finding your secret places and your favorite study spot at Union might be on the top of your agenda. So add this place to your list and visit when you are here. I discovered this place just few weeks ago during the winter term, so I come to call it my ‘winter study spot’. I am sure it will be equally beautiful and accommodating during fall and spring.


When the cold weather is as adamant as the winter itself and the sun is shy to warm up the surface of your skin and your cabin fever refuses to go away; you need a nice and warm place to do your homework. “The Fire Place” would be a perfect spot.


Reamer Campus Center is basically the heart of Union College. Everything is either inside Reamer or in a walking distance from reamer. And the “Fire Place” is in the heart of Reamer. The couches are very clean and comfortable. It is beautifully well-lit. It is not very quite but it is not too loud to disturb your concentration. There is also a TV screen with Cable connection if you need to take a break. I watched the Sochi figure skating and it was fun.



The good thing about studying by the Fire Place is that it is close to the library, the Book Store and Dutch Hollow where you can order sandwiches: grab tea, coffee and snacks.


So next year when you will hopefully be here, do check out this place. You will definitely love it.