I value education a lot. And one thing that I admire about Union is the professor and how you can find your interest here. Most people come to college to study something that they can make money with later. I am here to learn. I have no long-term goals. I believe in power of education. A well-educated mind allows you to find yourself. How much money I am making does not come before my personal happiness or enjoyment of my work. If I am happy doing something, I am happy to not get paid for it.


That might sound crazy to you but it something that I truly believe is true. My goal in life is to live a full, happy, and well-rounded life. So every term at Union, I try to step outside of my comfort zone. I take classes in subjects that I have never studied before or might sounds boring to others. In the fall, I enrolled in Photography. The first time I was given the camera by professor Benjamin, I knew that I was going to like this class. My fall term in that class was nothing that special expect that I enjoyed what I was doing in the class. I found myself being happy to take pictures. I was happy to have my camera with me everywhere. I took it to class, I took it to Chi Psi and everywhere else I went. By the end of week 10, I realized that I was in love with photography. So I signed up for photography 2.


This winter was great. Photography 2 was by far the best class that I have ever had at Union. I was so happy doing the work and going into the studio. By week 3, professor Benjamin came to me and told me that he had submitted my work prints to an art competition for college students in Troy, NY. I was really happy that he believed my work could make the show but I actually never thought that I could make it. Well I was wrong and this email proves me wrong. It said, ” Congratulations!  Your work was accepted into the Student Show at the Photography Center of the Capital District”. I was so happy to read this email. I have printed it out and posted on my wall. This is my first art exhibition as an artist. It is like a warm feeling on the inside that is letting me know that I might have talent and that I could be successful in photography. And the most beautiful thing about that is the fact that I love photography and now my picture is up for sale in an art gallery. I AM HAPPY.



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