Let me tell you something: I don’t care if finals start today. I don’t care if I have an exam at 8:30am tomorrow morning. I don’t care if it’s 30 degrees out the ground is still covered with ice and snow. Spring Term 2014 is just around the corner and I CAN’T WAIT!

I don’t need to explain this to anyone who has already had the luck and incredible fortune to be on the Union College campus for spring term, but all you first-years, all you prospective students, all you curious high-schoolers, (all you jealous college students that go to lame semester schools), let me weave a tale for you:

Spring term is even more wonderful than it is rumored to be. The campus comes to life after months of hibernation and the energy is pervasive and dangerously contagious. Thinking about really buckling down with work during spring term? Forget about it. The second you see students laying out on West Beach soaking in the spring sunshine and throwing around a frisbee you’ll forget all about that econ assignment you had. Or was it English?

Maybe you’ll go out one night this weekend? Scratch that. Mark your calendar for straight celebration from 1pm on Friday through brunch on Sunday (all things considered, we Union students do know how to crank through some work on a focused Sunday afternoon). Don’t know what songs to listen to? Don’t worry about it. Walking across campus is like hopping from one concert to another of awesome, fun, party music.

Spring term is about becoming best friends with your neighbors who haven’t spoken to you all year. Spring term is about inviting all of your other college friends who are home for the summer over to get a taste of Union’s magic. Spring term is about having a small school be recognized like a big school. Spring term is about making memories.

Now, who else doesn’t care about finals week anymore?