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Over Spring Break, I went to a concert in NYC. I saw the Bassjackers at Webster Hall. It was a totally different experience for me. EDM concerts are really fun but sometimes, they get so crowded, it makes everything less fun.



I stayed at the concert for 2 hours and I left to go to Brooklyn. My aunt was in Brooklyn so I visited her. I also had one friend from Union with me, Rachel Refkin. She and I ventured around Brooklyn. We went to my favorite Crepe restaurant.

Crepe city We had some Crepe on Saturday morning.

Crepe city
We had some Crepe on Saturday morning.

On Saturday night, I was on the rooftop of an apartment building hanging out with my cousin and Rachel when I saw a beautiful sunset over Brooklyn.




On Sunday afternoon, I got back to Union. I got to hangout with Jeremy Sagaille, my suitemate. He is a computer science major so he took me to the lab and showed me Union’s brand new 3D printer. I am not sure if you have seen a 3D printer, it is really cool. The printer can print objects. I am so glad that he showed me how they work because it is always great to know how new technologies work.

3D Notts

3D Notts


3D Notts

After we saw the printer, We went over to DKE, Jeremy’s fraternity and hangout. The crew team was also back from their trip to Florida so they were all they’re hanging out with us. Good times, good vibes and good people.

IIyena, Jeremy, and I (from right to left)

IIyena, Jeremy, and I
(from right to left)

Now, break is over and I am back at it. I am loving my classes. I am taking States,Rebels, and Warlords( Political Science), Photography 3 ( I will be sharing my project with you here), and Sophomore Research Seminar on Badly Behaved Women Seldom Make History. However, classes can cause stress because of the amount of work you can have so I always look forward to going to Chi Psi, my fraternity, and hangout. On Thursday, we go bowling and that is always fun.

1$ bowling on Thursdays

1$ bowling on Thursdays


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