One of the classes I am taking this term is Intro to Drawing in the Studio Arts Department here at Union. The class was my senior spring treat to myself as I have always loved the arts, but hadn’t really had any time to indulge after transferring to Union and having to focus on various GenEd requirements and completing my Economics major.

The class description reads as follows: “Drawing problems that explore different ways of responding to and recording perception, using a variety of drawing media. Work in and outside class; daily critiques.” But this description does not do the class justice. Although I have only been in the class for two weeks now, it definitely makes me wish I had taken an art class (or multiple art classes!) earlier in my Union career.

The Union Art Department rocksFirst of all, Union provides supplies to all of its art students FREE OF CHARGE. What?!?!?! When I was at BC during my freshman year, I took a watercolor class. It was very cool, but I HAD TO BUY ALL OF MY OWN SUPPLIES. Read: schlepping into the heart of Boston on the T to purchase very expensive paints and brushes and containers at Blick. I didn’t even get the fancy stuff and my naive freshman heart could hardly take it! Oh, the school gave us paper. Cool. -_-

Union also has incredible studio space. I had never really ventured into the arts building before (I have spent a lot of time in the adjacent music building, but was never brave enough to walk through the door at the end of the hallway), but once I figured out its unique maze I became completely smitten. I don’t even mind that I have to stop by the studio during my own time to work on various projects! The space is so relaxing and classic and really helps your inner artistic peacefulness flow.

My classmates are great. I was a little nervous about trying another introductory class (remember Intro to Oceanography last term?), but my classmates from all different class years are so friendly and enthusiastic about the class. Our first in-class critique last week went really well and I was very impressed by the constructive comments of all of the students.

If I had to do it all over again, I would without a doubt have taken more art classes at Union. Would I have changed my major? No (I love, love, love economics!). But a minor may have been neat! Art is such a great way to stretch the right side of your brain and Union’s faculty members do an excellent job of helping students find their unique talents. Plus, just FYI, I worked with an art major over the summer during my internship at a major bank in Manhattan. Who said artists can’t get jobs?!