I did college all wrong at first. In my mind, school was school and I guilt-tripped myself for any time not spent doing homework. I remember calling my parents after a particularly scarring weekend a few months into my freshman year (in retrospect it was nothing, but I was very naive) screaming, “It [college] is like a glorified summer camp!!” 

I was appalled by the amount of time students spent not being students and devoted myself whole-heartedly to my books. I quickly learned that not only was this attitude unsustainable, but it would leave me totally miserable and alone.

See, going to college is about being a student first and foremost, but being a college student involves so much more than studying and writing papers. It involves running clubs, living with new people, cooking your own meals, and (as cliched as it sounds) discovering yourself.

It wasn’t until I gave up my “MUST-STUDY-24/7” attitude that I really began to find myself, and since then I have made more friends and more memories than I could have ever imagined. In college, remember to love your books, but make sure to love your friends and your life more.