Union: The Little Global Village

Two weeks ago I was at the Scholars Luncheon. It was obvious from the remarks of the speakers, both students and staff, that Union is arguably one of the best academic institutions in the country. I cannot agree more. What makes Union unique is not only the fine quality of its academics, but also its desire to invest in outside class learning opportunities. There is always something going at Union: a talk, an exhibition, a music concert, a cultural program etc… The world comes to Union as Union reaches out to the world.


Last Wednesday the Interfaith Youth Core club organized a mock weddings event. Different stations were put in place and each station acted out the culture and tradition of marriage in different faith and countries. It was very educating and entertaining.


There were Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Indian and Nigerian weddings. The students who performed in these mock weddings had put on genuine costumes of the cultures they represented. To add more flavor to this wonderful cultural experience, traditional cuisines of each culture were served.




The event was well attended.  About 200 people, professors, staff and students came out to learn and participate in this cultural experience. The turnout simply showed that people at Union value and are interested in learning about different cultures.


There was another important part to the event – donations. Some participants gave gifts (no $ donations) to the YWCA–Domestic Violence Shelter.


I now have an idea of how marriage is perceived and done in different cultures thanks to Union and interfaith Youth Core. It was also a very interesting scene to see people in colorful costumes performing and presenting different cultures. Jackson’s Garden definitely seemed like a small global village.


Photo credit: Sharmeen Azher ’17 & Harrisonn Griffin ’16

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