Its frighteningly easy to not take full advantage of the spring term at Union. Yes, everyone heralds the term as the best one of the year (truth), but we still have classes and obligations and sometimes you can find yourself bogged down and miserable or (*gasp!*) indoors during this most wonderful time of the year. So how do you take full advantage of this magical moment? Follow along:

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1. Stopping checking emails on your phone during your walk home (guilty!) and start looking up. Literally every corner of our campus is gorgeous and needs to be appreciated in that “didn’t-I-see-this-in-a-movie-once?” kind of way.

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2. Take a stroll through Jackson’s Gardens. I think the gardens are underrated because they sort of hide off to one side of the campus, but that’s what makes them so magical! Sitting on a bench among the roses is seriously the best lunchtime escape.

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3. Take unique Nott shots! We all know instagram is flooded with #nottshots, but challenge yourself to find a different point of view.

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4. Go to parties. Hey, we’re college kids and Union students and this is kind of in our blood. And even though you might have a test on Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday (just on a side note: events on Wednesday should never affect decisions on Saturdays), GO OUT! We’re here to learn, but we’re also here to bond and going out is an awesome way to make new friends.

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5. Order takeout and eat it outside. The perfect DIY picnic. I said it: “DIY picnic” — probably two of the world’s best words, TOGETHER!! And there’s sushi… life is complete.

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6. Stop to smell the flowers. Or to appreciate the little gems popping up all over the place, like these cuties near Abbe Hall!

photo 1

7. Play volleyball. I love playing volleyball with the boys over at Delta Kappa Epsilon. Afternoons like these always make me think that some day I will look back and remember how quintessentially college my experience at Union was.


How are U taking advantage of spring at U?