This week, I ran for office. I wanted to get involve in student forum and represent my class. After a hard week of campaigning, I am the Vice President of my class. I so honored that my classmates voted for me. It is such a privilege to hold office here at Union. I cannot wait for my first meeting. 1625696_864765266870202_7275588496601239206_nMy main goal is crack down on the Minerva budget.  Although debates on campus aim to get ride of the Minerva houses, I do not agree. I believe that the Minerva system adds a different feeling to Union and creates for a diverse campus. However, since Greek houses are the main social attractions of the weekends, Minerva houses should work along with Greeks and plan social events together. Not only do they have a better budget than the Greeks, they have larger space available to them. The Greeks are not responsible to entertain majority of the campus when only a small percentage of people attend Minerva events.

Since they both play a social role on campus, Greeks and Minervas should have social gatherings using the Minerva budget to buy food for the event. After all, the Minerva system belongs to all, Greeks or non-Greeks. Why not have both parties enjoy it?