By this point you probably have come to realize that I am quite the planner and live religiously by my schedule (see here and here), but this next week will probably be my craziest of college yet. Why? Not only do I have to hand in all of my final assignments for my classes (details below), but I have a twin sister who just happens to also go to a school on the trimester schedule which just happens to be 3,000 miles away in Southern California. Oh, and throw in there that the two of us will be turning 22 next week and that the whole family has to fly back to the east coast for my graduation by Sunday morning. No big deal, right?

Here’s how it will all (hopefully) pan-out:

Monday 6/9 — Attend a Phi Beta Kappa meeting, tutor a student in economics, submit my final portfolio for drawing (which includes handing in a completely full sketchbook… #ooohwerehalfwaythere)

Tuesday 6/10 — Present my thesis findings to the Admission Liaison Committee, hand in two 15-page+ papers for my two economics classes, move out of my apartment, spend the night at home for an early-morning wake up

Wednesday 6/11 — Fly six hours to LAX, meet up with twin at Caltech, try to be a real human being again

Thursday 6/12 — Turn 22!, celebrate with the family by going to Disneyland, head back to Caltech for a dinner with the president of the institute

Friday 6/13 — Watch my little sister (she’s two minutes younger… so naive!) graduate from the California Institute of Technology, thank God she survived her brutal four years there, add to those prayers that I don’t die of heat stroke during the outdoor ceremony

Saturday 6/14 — Head back across the U.S. to beautiful Schenectady (the winds will be in our favor this direction so that flight should only be five and a half hours — woohoo!!)

Sunday 6/15 — (GULP!) Graduate from my favorite place in the entire world, Union College

Surviving the next week should be a pretty major accomplishment. While part of me is definitely stressed about flying all over the place and embracing so many changes, I am so happy that I will have my friends and family there beside me the entire time.

Of course, the craziness doesn’t stop there; in the following month my little sister will graduate from high school, my cousin will graduate from high school in the city, we’ll have a giant graduation party in Hudson, NY, my twin will start working for Teach for America, I’ll move down to Manhattan, I’ll start my first full-time job, and I’ll fly to London for a month of training… It’s really not  a big deal at all (says the scared-y Cat who hates change…), but I think I’ll take it one week at a time.