Welcome to Foodie Fridays! This is where I’ll bring you to some of the best places that Union loves to eat. And because I personally am I an avid foodie, I promise you that I’ll find a way to work it into other days of the week. I hope you’re hungry…

I read something the other day that read, “Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.” Tower in the midst of all those other common birds and flash some hot pink feather. Defy the ordinary and be a little funky.


So, today for lunch I decided to venture in to downtown for a lunch date with a friend. It’s a great way to break up the work day and on this particular occasion we found our way into Ambition Cafe located on Jay Street, a little pedestrian way in downtown.  This little cafe does decor like no other.!


There is seating to accommodate all desires. You can sit in a retro-feel red leather booth or toward the back where there are couches and a coffee table, creating the sense that you’re in someone’s home! But Madonna above the mantle and the dangling disco ball remind you that you’re not in just any home.


I ventured here today with my good friend Malu and we chose to sit in the front at a high top table. It was a great catch-up session for the two of us that was even crashed by John Travolta looking fresh in some disco attire with hair, that I hate to admit, rivaled my own for the day.



As the the very first picture in this post, the choice of wall art here draws you in and keeps you constantly fascinated.

I personally loved the retro-vibe, just as much as the food! The menu has pages of sandwiches each with its own name as well as other dishes. Malu ordered a chicken spinach wrap and I had a grilled brie and apple panini with cranberry-mustard! I, in complete sincerity, could have eaten four of those sandwiches and not because I walked in famished, but because they were just SO good!


(My lunch^^)

Not only does was the food stellar, but so was the waitress. She was kind and sweet. And the true testament to this description came when the check arrived. As a broke college student, I have learned to save and to hunt for a sale as if it were the last fresh water on Earth. But sometimes, I trade the savings for something that I view as qualitatively worthwhile. If I believe that it will greatly enhance my life (as ALL lunching tends to do), then I’m willing to splurge. But when the weather’s warm, I tend to forget that my bank account is not unlimited. So, I paid for my lunch in QUARTERS. Yes, quarters- neatly organized as pictured below. My waitress took it with a laugh and a smile, no judge-y looks or sass. She understood me; she knew. And man, was I thankful because I do not do “scenes” well anywhere, but especially in public. Additionally, I was entirely shameless about the entire affair; quarters still count as $$.!


All in all, it was such a great lunch. I hated to leave to return to work, but I’m not too concerned as I will return.  It was fun, good for a girl on a budget, and delicious!

With a sea of Starbucks to be found on every corner , Ambition is Union’s flamingo. In light of its definitively funky atmosphere, fun is to be had no matter the company. And while hot pink is sure to be a standout, at the end of the day a flamingo is still a bird- wings, beak, and all. Ambition is a hearken back to that local coffee shop flavor with a quirky sense of decoration to keep you entertained the entire meal.

xo J