The world, in similar fashion to the myriad souls who inhabit it, has much to offer. In some sense, one could glide through life believing that all things are available for choosing and taking. That’s like constantly picking presents out for yourself from an inexhaustible supply!

Except in the summer when the Starbucks on campus is closed and the dining hall, while no more than a three minute walk or one minute jog, is just not on my walking route..

Besides, sometimes it’s nice to explore what else is out there! For this week’s Foodie Friday I’m covering coffee which constitutes a category entirely its own in my book.! I went downtown to walk-able Jay Street to visit Happy Cappuccino and toward Nisky, the nearby suburb, to patronize Starbucks.







Happy Cap, as I call it for short, is the specific to Schenectady local coffee house for Union students. It’s location is prime and it’s one of a kind.


















It’s almost true that there is a Starbucks on every corner and this is ours just a little ways away. It’s my oasis in the summer and my go to destination now that the Treat Receipt is back (I’m a child who is all about that extra sugar!)








I’m a creature of habit so I ordered the same thing at both locations, but decided to mix it up by getting one hot and the other cold. So, there’s that-daring, I know. I decided to take advantage of the outdoor seating at Starbucks, which was grand, but it did produce a one-sided tan.


Happy Cap was where I went and got my hot soy mocha and relaxed for two hours with one of my best friends. My mocha was so good I even, took a second to go while B ordered a very cinnamon scented chai latte, which was praised every time she took a sip.



Starbucks, while it’s one of many commercialized, it’s quite artsy and on par with Happy Cap in that department. The local Starbucks in Nisky changes the wall art pretty frequently and tends to draw from an eclectic pool of paintings like the ones pictured and all the way to black and white photograph stills.





And there are so many different things to pick up and oggle at!






And just because these coffee shops placed me into that creative space and because Instagram will have you believe that life is  full of candid moments being serendipitous-ly captured all the time, I attempted to take an artsy pic for this blog, since I’m becoming a social media queen now.


 I present you with an obviously staged and heavily filtered picture of my partial order. On this occasion I was generous and grabbed a drink for my co-workers (…and two for myself…) I again ordered a soy mocha, but in Starbuckanese I’d said that I’d like an “An extra-dirty venti iced soy mocha with no whip” and then a cool lime refresher to mix things up.


I even began the foray into the world of Starbucks food, because after all one cannot forget that food is in the name. I tried a spinach and feta wrap pictured (pictured above alongside a very dainty caramel frappuccino, a coffeeless drink for the weak at heart.) The feta wrap vanished in all of 20 seconds it was great, but it wasn’t anywhere near as good as coffee. Needless to say, I should have ordered myself a third drink.

Even with so much at your finger tips sometimes there’s only a few things that you could ever want. For instance, I, like every other girl, want to be liked/wanted/but-most-of-all-flattered (that’s why the radio sounds the way it does…). And even then, as Louise May Alcott fabulously put it, “I’d rather take coffee than compliments just now.” So go and enjoy some coffee at either location!