On weekends, my girlfriend and I have been rotating buying round-trip Greyhound tickets between Schenectady and Framingham, Massachusetts. I’m still studying here at Union and she’s teaching in my hometown, so when we visit each other I can see my family and she can see her friends from Union. Last weekend it was my turn to take the bus ride, and after a few hours spent reading and reviewing for a midterm, I was home. That Saturday, we decided to go and visit a friend of mine, Mike, who I met at a radio club meeting two years ago. Mike is a graduate of Union currently at Boston College Law School, and he and his girlfriend Emily met at Union and currently live in Boston. Chips and dips were had, conversation was good, and their new cat seemed not to care about our presence. Later we were given our dining options, which included “really good Indian,” “okay Indian that is cheaper,” “American pub,” and “Italian pasta place.” We chose the cheaper Indian option, and we were not disappointed.

It’s been really good to keep in touch with friends who have graduated. I see Mike pretty regularly, and our friend Max is going to the Union Graduate School so he’s practically living down the street from me. The three of us were good friends during our time here at Union, and even though we all belong to different graduation years, we’ve kept in touch and hung out together quite a bit. Mike lived in Arts House and Max lived in Ozone when I was a freshman, so my impression of the theme houses at Union was a really good one. Last winter Max and I stayed at Mike and Emily’s apartment to go to a holiday party, and Max and I regularly travel to see Mike’s band play in the Albany or Boston areas. Max has come to a few Union events and visits me at Arts House pretty often. I’ve been lucky to find such good friends at Union, and even luckier to keep in contact with them after they’ve graduated.