My parents and my girlfriend came to visit me Saturday and Sunday for Homecoming and Parents Weekend at Union. They arrived at 9am sharp on Saturday and we began our weekend with a nice brunch at the Peter Pause Restaurant across on Nott Street across from Union. I’ve eaten at the diner-style restaurant quite a few times with my friends, and this time I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the restaurant uses vegetable margarine and has gluten-free bread. This made it so the entire family could eat safely within the confines of their dietary concerns. Following breakfast we walked to Reamer for registration and bumped into a friend of mine and his parents, who my family knows from our time on Star Island in the summer. We watched him perform the Union alma mater the Dutch Pipers and then we made our way to the hayride (with no hay) that took us around the campus. Just after noon, my parents left to check into their hotel room and I took a much-needed nap.


My family and I. It took us like four tries to take a good selfie.

We resumed the festivities by visiting the Dean’s List reception in the Nott at 4pm, which was a nice recognition for students and faculty alike. I made sure to introduce my parents to my friend Max, who I co-host a radio show with, and I had the pleasure of meeting his parents. His mom is from my hometown and she’s been asking Max to ask me questions about Framingham, so we all had plenty to talk about. Next was a harvest dinner in Upper, which served every pumpkin spice dish in the world. We couldn’t get tickets to the hockey game on Saturday night, but we went to a frisbee dog show in Memorial Chapel. My parents dropped off my girlfriend and I at Ozone House and we went to meet some of the people I went to Russia with.


A view of the Dean’s List reception from the third floor of the Nott

In the morning we went to the Nott to hear Professor Stephen Berk lecture on the Middle East and Israel. My parents had listened to his lecture on Ukraine, which I recorded last year and put on this blog, but we were all glad to be able to hear him speak in-person. Following his lecture we disembarked for the Schenectady Green Market, and everyone else on campus must have had the same idea because I kept bumping into friends of mine. My family loved the Green Market and stocked up on bread, hummus and pesto before we went to lunch. Overall it was a great weekend with plenty to do, but also with enough downtime to actually spend time with my parents.