I hear a lot of people here complaining about the weather, which is absolutely fair. It certainly has been cold and windy, and the East Coast has been getting all kinds of snow. I think part of what’s happening, though, is that we’re all getting a little cranky because it’s that time of the term again. I’ve been up to my knees in quizzes, tests, essays, responses, and snow. It’s hard to walk around with all this stuff constantly nagging at you. I was able to take advantage of all this snow last night after an event involving boxes of Chipotle burritos, though. My friends and I found ourselves the only people left at a Minerva event, and there was still trash left on the tables–so we took it upon ourselves to dispose of the cardboard boxes the best we could. We made makeshift sleds out of the boxes, brought them out back and flattened some trails down the hill. I was glad to let off some steam!


This campus looks great with a coat of snow. Even though we’re in scenic Schenectady, the sunsets have been routinely superb on clear days. Our campus affords us a clear western view, and from some parts of campus you can glimpse the General Electric Plant with its brightly lit red-white-and-blue filament bulb sign. The greatest thing about having such an open campus in winter, I think, is being able to see the color variant in the sky from directly overhead to the bottom of the horizon. Some days the horizon is yellow, sometimes green, and on other days it’s a deep teal, but always overhead is a rich blue. It’s one of my favorite qualities about winter, how the atmosphere itself appears to change color in the evening. I’m grateful to live on a campus that lets me enjoy that.