The other day I finished up scheduling shows for WRUC, Union’s student-run radio station. The show schedule is listed here online, and this term we have quite a few new faces. Unfortunately, our streaming service is down for maintenance for the time being, but if you’re in the Schenectady area you can tune in at 89.7FM!

My show, From Russia With Love, will be airing every Tuesday at 7pm. My usual co-host is abroad in Germany this term, so it’ll be a solo show for me for the remaining weeks. There’ll be considerably less on-air banter in the studio than there was before, but I’ll try and bring in guests every week. I’m gathering up some new Spring-inspired tracks, and of course I’ll be playing my standards.

Be sure to tune in to our student shows, and look out for us on-campus as well! It’s Spring now, so we’ll be DJing events and even broadcasting outside. We even have our remote broadcasting equipment in working order, so we may take a page out of these gentlemen’s book.

WRUC track