Union’s schedule is pretty strange. We don’t get out until June, and we have all of December off.

This fall I have been quietly freaking out over what I would do for break. Unlike a lot of my friends who have each other at home during break to hang out with, it’s just me. I live in rural New Hampshire and there really aren’t many (or any…we don’t have any businesses in my town) that would hire me just for 6 weeks.

My first two winter breaks were spent working at a ski mountain teaching lessons. Ideally, this would be prime, but because of climate change there really isn’t much snow in December. This left me without many lessons to teach, so I spent most of my time at home.


^Every holiday season in Seattle, architecture firms compete for the best gingerbread house. This one is of the Seattle skyline

I spent my junior year winter break in Seattle, and just yesterday bought tickets to do the same this year. It’s a weight off my shoulders, knowing I have somewhere exciting to go.
I have some relatives that will let me live with them, and my aunt will let me work for her catering company, Foodz Catering, a few times a week. In my other time I can work on applications for post-grad jobs, current events, traveling in the Pacific Northwest, and learning guitar.

 10926270_10153025222718879_6102902860202534562_o  ^The Path to Marymere Falls on the Olympic Peninsula