It could be the positive, new vibes of the New Year finding ways to surround me, but I couldn’t feel any more refreshed to come back to Union and meet new people. My schedule is a lot busier than it was last term, but (back to those new vibes) I feel incredibly prepared for it all. Suppose this term will be my true test of strength—below freezing weather, a plethora of reading, and late-night play rehearsals.  However, this is exactly how I wanted college to feel. Last term it was more about just going through the motion of things; nothing felt genuine, people came and went, and everything was really new to me.

This term, even though it’s only a few days in, I can honestly say that I’m happy here. I’ve got a good feel of the campus (both good and not-so-superb), and I’ve gained a new level of understanding about myself. Nothing majorly serious since it happens to all of us at some point or another, but I fail to say that my understanding has ceased. It’s less about “a new year, a new me,” because there never really is a new you; you carry the same memories, scars, and lessons—you just make small and gradual improvements until you’re satisfied and can confidently look in the mirror and say “Yeah. That’s me.”

Last term, I’d advised my friends who’d attended other colleges and universities not to worry about adjusting to college and meeting people whenever they called or texted me complaining about something they’d experienced, yet I failed to ever take my advice. But this term, my worries have definitely gone away with the wind. I’ve come to set myself to think that: If It’s Meant to Be, It Will Be—regardless if you manipulate or control the outcome, it will occur in order for anything else to. Suppose this is more of philosophical argument on pre-determinism, some can say “we can change things even when they are meant to be,” but I guess that just depends on who’s doing the determining. Is it solely me? A supreme being? Or those around me?

Bottom line, welcome 2016 and may the odds be ever in everyone’s favor.