Today marks the second Monday of winter term.  It was 10 degrees this morning at 8 AM. But despite the lovely weather, this term will be my second at Union and I feel completely comfortable and so happy to be back.  One thing about first term as a freshman is that you plan to have all this time to do whatever you want.  Yet in reality it seems like you’re busy all the time even if you only have a few extracurriculars.  Basically, you have to learn time management.  Going into my second term I feel ready to take on new opportunities and try new things.  I’m really excited to volunteer some of my time at the Kenney Center and finally go to some events on campus.

One issue I plan to address is the funk everyone seems to be in around campus.  Sometimes it seems like no one is cheerful (or is it just the winter blues?), sometimes it feels like people have been set in their ways and don’t want to meet new people.  While I am a person who usually only has a handful of close friends, I love to be able to know everyone around me in the dining hall, and I like being able to talk to whoever is sitting next to me in class.  So I haven’t fully figured out how to overcome this challenge, but I’m hopeful that I will.

This term I am taking early classes, much unlike last term.  But in a way I am really enjoying it.  I only have class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, have a naptime gap between my last two classes, and my day ends by 12:50.  I get breakfast every morning with friends at 7:30 and I strongly encourage anyone with an early class to do this.  Breakfast just makes you happier.  Especially when it includes home fries.

I finally feel like I am learning about myself and what I want to major in at Union.  My issue is still that I still need to narrow down my path to a reasonable amount.  Thankfully I’ve been able to cross things off of my extensive list of “maybe majors”.  Now I only have Sociology (thankfully my adviser told me to take an intro class!), English, and Environmental Policy (and possibly a Digital Media minor).  What I love about Union is that it’s okay to have an interest list that looks like this, because I know I’ll figure out just exactly what I want to do.

Here’s to winter term and a month of writing 2015 on all of your papers!