Because Union has trimesters, we have a six-week break starting at Thanksgiving break and continuing into the beginning of the New Year. Break is the perfect time to do something exciting as not many other people are home at the same time. Many students use this time to travel on a Union mini-term or on their own, or get an internship. I spent this past winter break in Seattle, staying with family.

The infamous Pike’s Place Market in Seattle

Rather than being at home in NH, where I would undoubtedly be spending money to visit people, my aunt let me work for her business in Seattle. Being in a city was a great change of pace from a small NH town, and I was able to get comfortable with somewhere new and spend time with relative I don’t see frequently.



The Space Needle, right outside of the Pacific Science Center, where I worked a few times

Though I was working for my aunt, I also had a lot of free time. I was able to use this time to look into jobs, meet with Union alum, and network with people in my fields of interest. I used the Union alum database to meet up with some alumni,  which was very helpful.


This is a statue of William Seward that I found at a plant conservatory (for those of you who don’t know, this is who Seward place was named after)

Though the trimesters can be pretty weird, and annoying when breaks don’t like up with my friends’ breaks, it does give opportunity for different things that aren’t usually available to other students. There are pros and cons to every system, and I have learned to take advantage of the trimester winter break.