Winter Term definitely has come with its own twist and turns. From new faces and new classes to a new change in weather. More than anything, the new climate is something I’d long forgotten since my last winters in New York from when I was six. I remember being incredibly in love with the snow, as many kids tend to be, and begging to stay outside longer to play in the snow—dressed up as an oversized Teletubbie as my fingers and toes went numb. Even now, I don’t mind the cold weather and snow during my late night walks from play rehearsals and my morning commute to West before my nine-a.m. class, but living in Texas for the past twelve years has definitely led me to forget how annoyingly inconvenient cold weather is.

But we’re all “United” here, aren’t we?

map of US temps

But hear me out, Texas, (at least the Northern region) has its weird spin on the weather. We get snow during the December season, but it’s just a few good inches that usually all melt away before sunset the same day; we get ice, and plenty of it, so school cancellation and car accidents on the freeway tend to be the only signal of a true winter; if we do get a snowstorm or hail storm, it’s just maybe two solid weeks of that, then from then on until mid-February it’s just windy afternoons and chilly mornings with clear blue skies during the day. Bottom line, the weather is anything from consistent (in case you weren’t aware of the tornado/blizzard that swept through back in December of last year, that followed floods, a few drownings, and temperatures that jumped over 20 degrees (F) in one day). Granted, the Schenectady winds aren’t all that comforting either.

Trying to explain Texas weather to Northeasterners. weather of texas in four days

weather forecast.

*(in Celsius)

However, the Northeast weather does give an excuse to buy new clothes if you’re coming from a different climate, and also put your fashion senses to the test in coming up with winter outfits that actually belong in winter. In Texas, you just dressed up in expectancy that it would rain or get chilly regardless if it was 75 degrees (F) when you woke up since you never knew when the seasons just might change on you.

Mother Nature: “Oh, you wanted Winter? Ha! Nope!”

cartoon: weather attire in texas

When I first came to visit Union, an upper-class man said not to waste my breath checking the weather every morning expecting anything to be different during the winter time, and although I still do, she’s right. The weather stays pretty consistent throughout the day and within the same range throughout the season (which I’m definitely not used to)—so I’m still hopeful a little sun will warm things up enough so I don’t have to wear a jacket every time I step out. I suppose it’s just wishful thinking, but a girl can dream.

Because consistency just isn’t good enough in Texas.

Meme about weather

I wouldn’t say Northeast weather is my ideal place to be, but it’s an experience nonetheless, and I’m more adapted than my friends back home enjoying their 45 degrees (F) weather, clear blue skies, radiating sun…and 25 mph winds.

Well, I guess we can’t have it all…or can we?

Why choose one, when you can have it all. map of NE texas in winter

*(last December weather forecast in NE Texas)