I’m an absolute music junky. I grew up around a wide array of tunes from Classical, Reggae, African beats, Gospel, Oldies, Jazz, 70s pop, and Hymnals to my own musical endeavors of Classic Rock, Indie rock, Pop, Rap, R&B. Most of the time on campus you will most likely see me with my earphones wherever I go. It’s as essential as my school ID.  Some weekends I like to listen to the songs of my childhood, meaning the forgotten, over-played, nostalgic Disney Channel tunes, Children’s TV show soundtracks, and occasional 90s pop. But college should come with its own soundtrack, right? I mean, I’m sure many of us have internal soundtracks for various moments in our lives, so hopefully there’s nothing completely odd about compiling a list of twenty songs that reflect Freshman year to me (in no particular order).