One of my favorite things about living at Union is our ability to create events that cater to our interests. There are so many clubs and groups on campus with access to funds and spaces that it only takes a few emails or showing up to a meeting to drum up support for your event idea, and with enough advertisement, the event can be a real success.


A shot of October’s successful show

In October, Arts House partnered with WRUC and Breazzano House to bring two bands to Union for a punk show. Scout Boys and Prince Daddy & The Hyena are returning to Union on Saturday with the addition of Snowhaus for a second show. I coordinated with all three bands to try and make this next show even more successful than our first, and my Arts housemates have been incredibly helpful in setting up the event. It’s really been a team effort, made possible with the help of the Minerva system.

You can read the post I wrote about October’s show here. I’ll write up another post about the next concert once it happens, and I’ve been excited just planning it. I wouldn’t be able to put on this show with the help of my friends without being at Union!