There are only four more weeks left until the end of the term. And apart from my aching need to get home ASAP, I’ve unfortunately have become ill…

with Senioritis.

Sadly, this common illness has gotten to me again, within a year of my last diagnosis as a senior in high school. Last May, I was wrapping up Senior year, getting ready for Union, and finding the will to get through the remaining month of May and early June. My Senioritis wasn’t as evasive during that time because I was fearful of the negative consequences (offers from college admission rescinded, academic probation, changes in financial aid offers). However, Freshman year Senioritis feels just the same. I still can’t fathom that I’m nearly finished with this year and there will be an entirely new bunch of students after me who will go through the same awkward and exhilarating first days of life as a college student. But, I can confidently say: “Au revoir”, “Adios”, “Ta-ta”, “Toodaloo”, “Later-Alligator”, “Deuces” and “Bye, Felecia” to Freshman year without a doubt.

I’ve taken the liberty of diagnosing myself with Senioritis, to save Wicker the pain of having to deal with my fictional (yet, all too applicable) disease.



  • Extreme Difficulty Waking Up in the Morning
  • Inability to Do Homework Until The Last Minute


  • Short-Term Memory Loss for Due Dates and Quizzes


  • Lack of Motivation to Attend Classestumblr_inline_neoi69vEuw1r751f6
  • Feeling Restless in Classrooms
  • Reoccurring Desire to Skip Class to Sleep
  • Nagging Need to Rebel
  • Lack of Control of Your Eyes That Causes You to Constantly Look at the Clock Throughout Class
  • Excessive Netflix/Streamed Movies Consumption


  • Difficulty Finding Motivation to Read
  • Frequent Daydreams about Summer Activities, Food and Car Rides
  • Loss of Interest in Your Appearance for Class
  • Increased Irritability for All Things College


  • Treating Yourself to Naps After Classes Because You Feel Mentally Exhausted
  • You Start to Anticipate Lower Grades from Assignments Because Lower Grades Seem Inevitable
  • Then You Work on Overdrive to Try to Change Your Grades Around


  • Due Dates Make You Sad and Assignments Make You Mad


  • Your Sundays Are Spent Reflecting On Your Previous Week’s Survival Strategies


  • Mondays Appear More Irrelevant


  • You Can’t Be “Arsed” (Bothered) to Answer Questions in Class Anymore
  • You Start Creating Your Own Words for Essays You Feel Inadequate to Write


  • Trying to Convince Others That You’re Okay with Senioritis (When You Know You’re Not)


Thankfully, Senioritis goes away on its own with some much-needed R&R and time away from school. So while I await for the summer days in Texas to cure me, I’ll continue to excessively drink my cups of tea, order an abundance of Chinese Food and try to maintain my A-average as best as I can. Still, I most likely will not fully be clear of Senioritis until after graduation.