Are you aggressive? Do you sometimes want to just tackle people? Do you know how to play Rugby?

If your answers were yes, yes, and no, then we were in the same boat until about 3 weeks ago.


As a camp counselor for a bunch of teenage boys, I learned that I’m super competitive, aggressive, and can definitely take a tackle, but I’m really terrible at sports. I didn’t think I could play a sport at Union, but then I heard that there were club sports! With no cuts! I also learned that Rugby is a sport that I’ve never tried (or failed at yet!) and about a million of my friends told me that my excessive aggression and lack of actual skills would be perfect for that!

So I said “lets do it”! This is college. I should try new things. I should get out there and make friends. And it was definitely a huge step for me, but one that made my life a thousand times better, and it’s only been 3 weeks.

12190896_1045002562197896_6259220283206434481_nWith actually negative knowledge of how this game works, I strolled up to practice one day after emailing the captain and being told to try it out. Since I was new to the game, the coach, Mark, decided it would be funny to teach me a thing or two. He started by asking me if I knew how to tackle, and when I said “no” he proceeded to come at me full speed and take me down by my legs. Confused and laughing, I looked up at him from the ground and with an outstretched arm, he welcomed me to the team.

Each and every girl on the team is absolutely amazing. From the homemade team dinners, to actually teaching me how to play rugby, I have never felt like I belonged somewhere so much. I’m sure they get frustrated with how terrible I am at rugby, but they still tell me where to go and when during plays, and are perfectly comfortable with putting me in a game after going to one practice! They even swipe me into the upperclassman dining hall after practice so we can all eat together, since I’m the only little freshman on the team.

Basically, rugby is thrilling, confusing, aggressive, inclusive, and absolutely incredible and nothing is going to stop me from doing the most rewarding thing of my first 4 weeks of college.