This past Homecoming weekend, I had the delight of spending time with my mum on campus. The last time my mum was on campus was for Freshman Move-In day last year, which wasn’t much of a visit. I’m glad she’d spent a few nights in Schenectady so she could get a feel of the campus, my classes, and just my overall college experience.

mum and me at SDT houseOn Friday, her flight came in the afternoon and we immediately had dinner at Rathskeller, because it is one of my go-to places to eat and hang-out on campus. Then I gave her a simple tour of the campus since she’s never really had a proper one before. For the rest of the weekend, —through the rain and wind and sun—I spent time hanging out with her, watching movies, chatting, attending my Sigma Delta Tau Gala/Silent Auction, attending a few other on-campus events such as the Dean’s List Reception, going to the Catholic Mass on Sunday morning, and wandering around Jay Street for a bit.

It was nice to have her around. I missed hearing her speak to me in my native tongue, her quirky comments and jokes, and just her overall vibe. Although the weather wasn’t the best on Saturday, she definitely brought a piece of the 27 degrees (C) Dallas weather up to Schenectady. Having to say goodbye to her was a downer, not because I hated to see her go, but mostly because watching her go was a simple reminder of everything else I’m missing back home.

snapchat selfie with mumEven though it’s only a few more weeks until I’m back home, I do greatly appreciate her taking the time to make a trip up here. She wasn’t feeling too well after taking care of my brother (who had a fever two days prior to this weekend). But it’s the little things like that, that comfort me because I know she’s such a supportive mum (1,000 miles away or not).

Overall, thanks, Mum!