New Years Resolutions: two-week-long commitments to bettering yourself. “New Year new me,” usually gets forgotten about by the third week of January. I really don’t believe in New Years Resolutions, because I feel like if you really wanted to make a change in yourself, you would do it before the new year starts.

However, it’s a new term and a new year. It’s a new beginning enough to really make some changes in yourself if you are dedicated. It seems that a lot of us this term are dusting ourselves off and getting back onto the grind. A six-week-long winter break is a lot of time, and most of us aren’t studying in that length of time. So, by the end of December, we remember that we are college students and we will soon have our noses inside textbooks once again. I think an important difference to note is the difference between a goal and a resolution. In my opinion, it is much easier to have a goal to work towards than a resolution, which seems a lot less forgiving.

As for goal-setting, I have really high hopes for this term. I am taking three classes I actually really enjoy: Chem 101, Intro to Fiction, and Active Tectonics. I have started the term by being a lot better about studying than last term and I’m really excited to be back on campus and on the Admissions social media. I have started Intramural Broomball which is actually so fun and so low key (which is perfect for a once-a-week study break). I’m also hoping to get a position in my sorority for the coming year so I have my fingers crossed for that also!

Lastly, I have changed my meal plan to 7 swipes per week and $550 in declining balance per term. This is perfect because I only get breakfast in a dining hall on days I have class, and I would rather eat at Dutch Hollow most of the time (best salad bar on campus and cheaper than O3). With this meal plan it’s been so much easier to eat healthy- which keeps me motivated on all my other goals and activities this term.

I’m excited to see what this term brings for me, good luck to everyone this term!