HockeyThere’s no doubt that hockey is one of the biggest things at Union. No big deal or anything, but in case you didn’t know, we are D1 and play against IVY LEAGUE schools. Oh hello it’s us, Union, beating Harvard in a hockey game! Whoops! Union has won 16 games and lost 5. We even beat Dartmouth and Harvard last weekend bumping the team to #9 in the league! Like damn we’re killing it.

photohockey2I’ve been to almost every game, and even though I have no idea what’s really happening (or even how to skate), I always have my friends to inform me. Every time they blow the whistle I lean over to Allie, and without me even having to ask she goes “offsides” or “icing” or some other thing I don’t understand. But even though I don’t get a lot of the technical stuff, I know what a goal is (and we get a lot of those)! When I see that tiny hockey puck get shot past the giant goalie I jump out of my seat and scream at the top of my lungs as the lights and crowd and noisemakers go into a frenzy. The sense of pride explodes out of me and my friends and the entire rink.

Hockey is honestly the best thing ever and watching our boys skate backwards, shove people against the boards, power play, get penalties, shoot goals, break sticks, and, of course, win is absolutely amazing. It’s a roller coaster of craziness and I love it. I even saw 2 fights with Dartmouth last weekend and I’ve been waiting for that all season!

hockey4Tonight is the fifth annual Mayor’s Cup at the Times Union Center in Albany, N.Y. against RPI. So far both teams have won twice in the past so tonight is gonna be insane! Yes, of course I’m going! My friends and I are going to scream so loud that when I try to eat in Reamer, lovely Joyce at the register is going to comment about how I lost my voice, like she always does. Hope to see everyone there, and if not, GO TO A HOCKEY GAME SOON! YOU’RE MISSING OUT!