A perk of being an English major: you get to read books. A con of being an English major: you have to read books (that often don’t interest you, that is). It’s a bittersweet reality. When your academia demands so much of something you enjoy, you have to be careful not to lose your love for the activity. What I often do is take advantage of my college breaks to “binge” on books that I personally pick and want to read—as opposed to reading something for a grade. Don’t get me wrong, the books I’ve been assigned to read for my major all have been stimulating and interesting enough that I don’t regret leafing through those pages at 2 a.m. before my class later in the morning. But, I still enjoy browsing the aisles of any library at my own free will and pleasure. With the term winding down—and spring break approaching—below are ten highly recommend good reads to dive into over the break:


The film is coming out in May; so, it’s one of those: “I-need-to-read-this-before-I-watch-the-film” type situations. The trailer seemed interesting—borderline cliché in some parts—but I’m curious about the book, nonetheless.

Ellen Hopkins is my favorite writer; so, she obviously has to be on this list for me. This is her newest book and I’ve been dying to get my hands on it (as a fanatic since age 12, how could I not fulfill my duties of reading all her books).

I just watched the film this past week after my best friend from home texted me—while sobbing—how wonderful the movie was. I’m not one for romantic films (they have to be really unconventional for me to find them entertaining or heart-warming), but the movie had a nice plot. For me, it’s one of those “Okay-cool-I-saw-the-film-but-how-does-the-book-convey-the-story” type situations. Though my bestie claims it’s her new favorite movie, I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s definitely more realistic and entertaining than The Notebook or The Great Gatsby.

I intend on watching the film this weekend (because the trailer seemed intense and the film has a black, female protagonist so…yeah, cheers for non-stereotypical racial representation). The plot line looks pretty twisted and horrific enough that it looks like it’ll be worth the read.


Lastly, have a wonderful spring break!