This year, I’ve definitely done a lot more “venturing out” in Schenectady. Although I’ve yet to get my car on campus, it’s been fun to go on these little adventures throughout the city and discovering these five places, which I consider “hidden gems” in the area:

Riverside Park/Playground

river view at park alongside walking trail

If you’re like me, and you feel you’ll never be too old for slides and swing sets, then this little park near the river is a fun spot to have a laugh with friends, goof off with little kids in the area or take a light stroll.




Villa Italia Bakery

Not too far from campus, is a nice and delicately style Italian bakery that serves authentic treats and sweets for those who’ve never had a hoagie (me), whose sweet tooth enjoys a good treat, and the curious foodies out there (also me).

villa italia box   villa italia treats

Bumpy’s Polar Freeze

I’ve yet to go here, but I know plenty of students who slip by here for some delicious ice cream with family and friends. In addition to ice cream, the place also has bumper boats to have fun with, which is a perfect “kid-at-heart” activity, (especially for those warmer days).


source:; Outside Raw Juice & Smoothie Bar

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to spoiling yourself (or better dietary habits), the chill and comfy Juice & Smoothie Bar, RAW, on Jay Street is my newest obsession. It offers a nice selection of fresh, seasonal go-to smoothies, juices and fruit bowls, with other natural alternatives to everyday snacks like cookies, chips, and snack bars.


Vintage Chic Inn
I’ve always enjoyed vintage looks with a bit of a modern flare to them. And at times, expensive hotels might feel a bit unsentimental or showy for some. When I came across this local B&B, I immediately fell in love with the cozy, decorative and one-of-a-kind décor. They offer 5 different bedrooms “types” (designs) to pick from that are great for a weekend away or a simple visit to the Schenectady area.

inside view of a room  inside view of a room