Today’s featured blogger is Abigail Lehner, ’18 – a Biology major from Colorado Springs, CO. Learn more about Abigail here .


Hiking at Plotter Kill

Going on a hike at Plotter Kill Preserve is a must for Union students. The trail follows the Plotter Kill and you can walk past three waterfalls. This hike is very popular among students and is highly recommended.


Rock Climbing at The Edge Halfmoon

There is a rock climbing gym about 20 minutes from Union’s campus. This is another popular stop for students and the school does trips to The Edge for free. The gym is very reasonably priced and they will train students to belay.


The Albany Pine Bush

The APBP is a local wildlife preserve that has a discovery center and hiking trails. You can learn about local endangered species, conservation plans, and about the rare pine barrens habitat that the APBP hosts.


Central Park

Central Park is a just a few miles from Union’s campus and offers a beautiful rose garden, public pool, disk golf course, tennis courts, and a baseball field. The park is lots of fun to go for a walk or play some sports.


Hilltop Paintball

This is another location that Union will do trips to for free. They offer a variety of obstacle courses and fields to play paintball.


The Schenectady Greenmarket

On Sundays Schenectady offers a wonderful farmer’s market. There are all different types of food, drinks, and hand crafted artwork. My absolute favorites are the lemonade and the budapesto.