You think you know how to be photographed until the Daily Gazette asks to take your picture.


John Calvin Toll Day is Union’s campus-wide day of service. This is a great event for both students and the community to come together and make new connections. This year, over 400 students took part at over 16 venues. This year was my second year volunteering, and once again it was a great day! My group went to the Kelly Adirondack Center where we were asked to cut back a trail to make it useable again for the public. It was great to be in the woods during autumn enjoying the crisp air. I loved it and all the tools we were given; I felt like a landscaper in Better Homes and Gardens. As a busy student, I don’t always have time to be outside as much as I would want to be. You can read the Daily Gazette’s article here. (And yes, I know I forgot how to talk in that article.)

Serious power tools.


The Kelly Adirondack Center is a valuable resource for students and the public alike. It houses a library filled with information about the Adirondacks and New York’s wilderness. As well, the Kelly Adirondack Center regularly has speakers on a variety of topics, most stemming from the mountains, culture, and the local wilderness. Not only that, but it has a few miles of trails free to use (freshly cut-back by yours truly) which is a diamond in the rough especially being so close to Union. I was happy to volunteer at the Kelly Adirondack Center as I don’t get to spend nearly enough time here! The people are great and the building and the material that is on display is truly worth seeing.

What’s not to love?


I highly recommend taking part in John Calvin Toll Day (read more), and also taking a trip down to the Kelly Adirondack Center (read more).

The most amazing study spot.