Today’s featured blogger is Arielle Singer, ’18. Arielle is a Marketing Engineering Products (Organizing Theme) major from California. Learn more about Arielle here!


I have found here at Union College that my mental health was more balanced during the terms that I took a digital art course. My art is really a place where I am able to integrate all the things that I am trying to process and lay them out in front of me. As my interest and ability in this medium has expanded so have the ways that I can process. I can use everything from simple photoshop image collages to express sadness when a loved one passes to a combination of projection and performance art to display the duality of life. I believe that art should allow people to feel something which is why all of my pieces come from a place of emotion. My most recent piece, titled “Echoes,” has truly allowed all of this to be explored. “Echoes” is a series of altered stop motion videos of dancers that I have been able to project all around my college campus. This project stemmed from my own life crisis of trying to figure out who I was and what I wanted to do and how I constantly felt surrounded by myself never allowed to escape from this cycle. This project is meant to give people that sensation.