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Time Flies

Today is the last day of classes and it wraps up my sophomore year at Union. Last year, a week from today, I met one of my good friends to say goodbye before I left school to catch my flight. She was a senior and she was graduating in two days. In our brief conversation, she mentioned she couldn’t believe how four years had passed in a blink of an eye. She was right, apparently at every good place but especially at Union, time flies by very quickly. It is because we have so much fun here. We live...

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Minerva Fellows

With the Minerva System Union students have a chance to continue to learn even after they graduate college. Through Minerva Fellows Program, although very competitive, students are given the opportunity to travel to the developing countries learn about, and fight poverty, and help improve the living conditions of the indigenous people. Students of different disciplines spend a year abroad, and work with small businesses, schools, hospitals, and charity organizations etc. After they complete their program, the Minerva Fellows are invited back on campus to share their experiences with the rest of the Union student and faculty body. This past...

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Say No To “Bolton”

The much heated speech finally took place. John Bolton did come to Union and spoke. An hour before the speech began, people gathered before Memorial Chapel holding “War Is Not The Answer” banners. But war was Bolton’s answer. He tried to convince the audience that Iran was the number one danger threatening the US, and that the sanctions have not stopped Iran from their pursuit of Nuclear Weapon. When he was asked what was his prescription to the problem, he said, “Should Israel choose to attack Iran, we should support them and immediately resupply them.” Now the question remains,...

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John Bolton to Speak at Union

Winter Term of my freshman year, I took a class with Professor Berk, Contemporary Middle East. In that class we talked about everything related to the Middle East,  most importantly the rule of the U.S. and how it shaped the political atmosphere of the region. In my out of class work for that course, one person that I would come across a lot was John Bolton. He served as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and he was also heavily involved in talks with the leaders of the Middle East. Now, I will have the pleasure of meeting...

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What’s Happening at U?

A quick insight to what the week ahead looks like at Union. This is just few of many events that will take place next week. The week of April 20th – 24th is Disability Awareness Week, and Union organizes events to raise awareness. Did you know that 1 in 5 people have disability? This and many more interesting facts and information will be presented through discussions, film and talks. On Thursday April 23rd, the animation of Cowboy Bebop will be screened at Reamer auditorium at 6:30pm. Japanese  Snacks will be served. On Friday April 24th, Clothing Swap will take...

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U Welcomes Spring

The warmer weather is upon us here at Schenectady. The winter, yeah that cold and sometimes brutal acquaintance of  us, has packed its belongings and left unannounced. The snow has gone, and so is the strong cold winds. The pleasant breeze  is bringing back the grass and the trees to life, and it feels good to walk around Campus. Here are a few...

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Student Research Projects

This last Wednesday the students in Sophomore Research Seminar classes presented their papers. The  students had to show the outline, primary and secondary sources for their research in the form of a poster. This was a good way to organize thoughts and to think about the format of the research paper. Two weeks before we presented to the public, we had to do an in-class presentation. The professor gave feedback on how to improve the posters, and certain aspects of our delivery of the presentation. On the day of the presentation, the students had a chance to present their...

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