Having my Car at Union

Sep 30 by

This year I’ve brought my car with me to Union, which has been incredibly useful. A yearly parking pass is only $15, which is...

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What I Get Out of Twitter

Sep 23 by

I was pretty reluctant to join Twitter for a while. Years, actually, to the point where you could call me stubborn about it. I...

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Springfest 2015

Apr 30 by

This Saturday will be my first Springfest at Union College. My first year at college I decided to go home that weekend, a decision I...

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Union’s LGBT Pride Walk

Apr 24 by

On Saturday afternoon, I participated in Union College’s fourth annual Pride Walk, supporting the LGBT community in Schenectady...

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Motorcyclists Celebrate Arriva...

Apr 21 by

When you hear┬ápeople talking about bars or pubs in Schenectady, they’ll mostly talk about establishments like the Bier Abbey,...

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Semi-Competitive Softball

Apr 17 by

During my first year of college, I was invited to an intramural softball game by a friend of mine who was a senior. The game had such...

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Radio Union College: Ready for...

Apr 16 by

The other day I finished up scheduling shows for WRUC, Union’s student-run radio station. The show schedule is listed here...

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Mar 14 by

When you ask for directions to anywhere in Maine, chances are whoever you’re asking will tell you “You can’t get...

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Old Winter’s Song

Feb 19 by

I hear a lot of people here complaining about the weather, which is absolutely fair. It certainly has been cold and windy, and the...

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