Using a Tablet for Work and Leisure...

Feb 6 by

This summer, while I was living on an island off the coast of New Hampshire, my Macbook Pro . I was one of about a hundred employees on Star Island, and luckily we were fortunate enough to have a full-time IT person who could help diagnose the issue. My computer died in the middle of me using it, and when I tried to restart it the only thing that appeared on the screen was a message telling me the laptop couldn’t connect to its own hard drive. I would later find out that the cable that connected the hard drive to the rest of the computer was faulty, and it would be an easy fix at an Apple store. In addition to not knowing at the time what was wrong with my computer, I was 45 minutes by...

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Trimesters at Union

Nov 11 by

Let’s take a few minutes to talk about trimesters. Something that sets Union apart from most colleges and universities in America is its trimester system. Contrary to the norm, we have three terms instead of two and we take three classes for ten weeks each. This works out so we get a six-week winter break from Thanksgiving to just after New Year’s, and while we get out a little later in the summer, we don’t have to go back to school until early September. By the time we’re out of school for Thanksgiving break, we’ve completely finished with our finals for that trimester and we don’t have to worry about passing anything in or going back to take a test. While it’s nice to think about all the time we get to spend taking...

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Arts House Does It In The Dark

Nov 2 by

In an effort to use less electricity and reduce Union’s carbon footprint, different buildings affiliated with the campus are taking part in the “Do It In The Dark” initiative. Residents of each building pledge to use less electricity and to turn off lights and unplug unused devices, and their performance is rated based off of how much electricity they used in months past and how much they will use in the next three weeks of reduced usage. The event started yesterday, the same day we jumped an hour ahead with Daylight Savings. Now it’s getting dark earlier, and we’ve committed to using less electricity and turning the lights off for more of the day. Yesterday we jumped right in to the challenge had our Arts House meeting in a pitch-black kitchen. Sure, we took...

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Punk Show at Union Signifies Diversity of Events...

Oct 28 by

Something that makes Union’s event programming so diverse is the freedom of student involvement. We’re given opportunities to utilize club resources including budgets and spaces to hold events that we think will benefit student life at Union. I think not making use of these opportunities is a sore misuse of time at Union. I’ve involved myself with a number of clubs because I’ve enjoyed being a part of planning events and setting them into motion, and the satisfaction of seeing other students enjoying the events is part of the appeal for me as well. That’s why I’ve involved myself so heavily in Arts House and WRUC, the radio club: these clubs and organizations have similar interests to me and I can work with other students to plan events that we think people will genuinely enjoy. The...

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Arts House Off to a Good Start

Oct 14 by

One thing that I’m thankful for during my time at Union College has been my housing arrangement for the past three years. I applied to live in a Theme House, which is an off-campus house with a small budget and an autonomous government that operates as a club on Union’s campus. I was accepted into Arts House and I’ve lived there for three years now with nine other people. Together we plan events that correspond to our theme, being the proliferation and celebration of the arts at Union. Other houses have different focuses, but each uses their budget to fund events that they feel will better the social life on campus. One of the acts at Friday’s Open Mic Night Students watching the acts Arts House had its inaugural Open Mic Night last Friday, and we...

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Jazz at Proctors Theater

Oct 9 by

On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of seeing the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra led by Wynton Marsalis. They performed for an hour and a half at Proctors Theater in downtown Schenectady, and they were a real treat to get to see live. The 15-piece brought big band boom and new life to classic pieces by composers like Dizzy Gillespie and Dave Brubeck (a personal favorite of mine), as well as some more contemporary works written by members of the orchestra itself. All fifteen of the players are soloists, and each had a chance to show their prowess at least once during the night. Wynton Marsalis, the music director for the orchestra and nine time Grammy Award winner, was master of ceremonies for the night. I went to the concert at Proctors because my floormate and good...

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Having my Car at Union

Sep 30 by

This year I’ve brought my car with me to Union, which has been incredibly useful. A yearly parking pass is only $15, which is incredible, and I’ve got a small parking lot right behind my house that I can use. I’ve taken a couple weekends to visit my family in Boston and to see my girlfriend at Penn State, and with my convenient Tuesday and Thursday class schedules I can take regular long weekends. I get to drive my little black 1988 Volvo 240 pretty often, and it does well on the long drives. I can also make trips to Wal-Mart, Target, and other stores without being at the mercy of the Union shuttle which served me well for three years. I’ve also been able to pick up food and other things for club events,...

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What I Get Out of Twitter

Sep 23 by

I was pretty reluctant to join Twitter for a while. Years, actually, to the point where you could call me stubborn about it. I finally caved and joined Twitter at the end of 2013, using it infrequently to post quips and opinions similar to those I had been writing on Facebook but shortened to 140 characters. For the most part, this is still what I use it for in terms of what kind of content I post. Since joining, though, I have continually chosen the people I follow to cater my Twitter-feed to my interests and to make it a space separate from my Facebook newsfeed. On Twitter, you can post post “tweets” up to 140 characters from your Twitter profile. Those tweets can then be replied to, favorited, or “retweeted” by other people...

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Springfest 2015

Apr 30 by

This Saturday will be my first Springfest at Union College. My first year at college I decided to go home that weekend, a decision I can’t say I regret. Last year I was abroad in Russia, and at the time I felt like I missed out on a good on-campus experience. I remember seeing pictures and hearing stories from my friends about the performances at the concerts and the general feel of the campus, and it definitely felt like it wasn’t something to miss. That being said, my experience studying abroad in Russia is very valuable to me. But after missing it two Springfests in a row, I’ve been excited to finally experience my first Springfest at Union. Union’s student-run newspaper, the Concordiensis, announced today in their weekly issue that the lineup for this...

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