My First Post from Russia

Apr 11 by

Cam Duval, checking in from Irkutsk, Russia! Internet has been scarce, but as of Monday this week my host family has a WiFi router...

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Ukraine and Russia: A Download...

Mar 13 by

On Monday afternoon Professor Stephen Berk, a professor from Union College’s history department and a world-renowned expert on...

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Warm Weather Music

Mar 11 by

Today is 2014′s inaugural “Drive with the Windows Down and the Sunroof Open” Day, so in honor of that I’m...

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A Visit to the Doctor’s

Mar 7 by

As a result of a long-lasting cold, which I’d thought had calmed down over the course of a few weeks, I’ve developed an...

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Club Elections

Mar 6 by

On Monday, the Russian and Eastern European Culture Club held elections for next year’s club positions. The elections were this...

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Public Skating at Messa Rink

Feb 27 by

I love hockey. I watch it on TV, I go to games when I can, and I love playing it. Here’s the thing, though: I couldn’t...

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Theme Housing

Feb 20 by

Over the past few weeks at Arts House, the theme house that I live in, we’ve been reconfiguring our housing for next year. Ten...

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A Weekend at Home

Feb 16 by

I went home this weekend, so I haven’t got much to talk about in terms of what’s been happening with my life on-campus...

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The State of College Radio

Feb 6 by

Union College’s radio station, WRUC 89.7 FM, is the oldest in the country. We boast about it all the time, we call ourselves...

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