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Documentary Film Showing!

Hi all! I made a post inviting U all to my classes’ screening of original documentaries last week but today is the day! To remind you  – this trimester I took a Documentary Filmmaking class. Each of the 12 students in my class spent the trimester working on a 6-minute documentary to show at a public, on-campus screening! And that screening is tonight! Please, come on by the Visual Arts Building, Room 215 at 5 PM TONIGHT  to watch some of the fascinating documentaries filmed, edited, and produced by your very own peers! I promise it will be well-worth it!...

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Warm Weather Is Better!

The warmer the weather gets here on campus, the more exciting the events become! “Why?” you ask? Because all of them take place outside in the warm weather! What could be better?  (-: On Monday, June 3rd, I attended two great events: “Unwind Your Mind” and the Black Student Union BBQ! “Unwind Your Mind” was an event planned and organized by the sophomore class officers (go class of 2015!) and sponsored by the Student Forum. In short, the event was put together to help students de-stress during Week 10 (a rough week for many) by providing them with relaxing activities! It took place in The Gardens, so of course, I was excited! Students could sign a pledge and vow to pay more attention to their mental health, take time to de-stress, and be good to themselves. (As a reminder: Your mental health is always more important than your grades!) Students were also provided with a number of healthy snacks! And likewise, there were plenty of activities to help students de-stress, such as free massages and yoga/meditation sessions! Later that evening was the Black Student Union BBQ! Students of the Black Student Union and various other clubs (the event was open to everyone) came to eat good food, listen and dance to music, and have a good time! Ackeem, the treasurer of BSU, surprised me (and two other students) with [belated]...

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Minerva Fellows Sale! 5/31-6/1!

The Minerva Fellows of 2012 are back on campus with plenty to share! For those of you who don’t know, Union College offers the Minerva Fellows Program – In short: Each year several graduating seniors are selected (based on applications and interviews) to receive a scholarship that pays for them to spend the next eleven months, post-graduation, working with a social entrepreneurial organization in a developing country! One of my good friends, Winnie, was selected to be one of this year’s (2013’s) Minerva Fellows and will be heading to Durban, South Africa soon after graduation! My other good friend, Andrew,...

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A Very Successful Birthday!

Yesterday (May 30th) I turned twenty years old! While I was originally a bit bummed that I’d have to spend my birthday on campus as opposed to somewhere a bit more relaxing (read: the beach), my friends made my birthday absolutely worthwhile! Since Thursday was one of the hottest days of the week (it was in the 80s!) my friends and I spent plenty of time outdoors and in The Gardens (which I’ve talked about before here). I, of course, had my camera with me (do I ever not have it with me these days?) And so my friends and I...

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Save The Date!

This trimester I’ve been taking a Documentary Filmmaking class with Professor de Seve, an award-winning documentary director/producer! I had previously never taken an art class at Union and so I had absolutely no idea as to what to expect! Wonderfully enough, the class has been an absolute blast! We’ve gone on field trips (a few weeks ago we toured WMHT!), worked on in-class short film assignments, watched clips of numerous documentaries, and worked on mini-documentary projects during the weekends! But – and here’s the most exciting part! – each of the 12 students in my class have been working on a 6-minute...

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Almost Twenty!

On Thursday (May 30th) I’ll be turning twenty years old! *insert birthday balloons & confetti here* I know, I know – it’s still incredibly young in the large scheme of things, but nonetheless, I’m excited to finally eliminate the “teen” from the end of my age and move forward into real adulthood! (Err, or….semi-adult hood. I don’t think I’m ready for all of the responsibilities of real adulthood just yet…) Either way, I traveled home this weekend to celebrate! And was greeted with [early] birthday flowers from my boyfriend, Drew! (He’s too cute!) (-: He knows that sunflowers are my absolute favorite flowers, but unfortunately,...

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Therapy Dogs!

Yesterday, the “Schenectady Chapter of Therapy Dogs International” came to visit Union! Photos Taken from the Schenectady Therapy Dogs’ FB page! Now, what is a therapy dog, you ask? According to the “Therapy Dogs International” website, a therapy dog is a dog that is trained to provide affection and comfort to people! Therapy dogs visit all sorts of places, such as hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools (!!), and hospices, and furthermore, can help people with learning disabilities or who have just experienced something traumatic. All therapy dogs are required to have an “outstanding temperament” and an overwhelming love for people. And let me tell...

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The Gardens: My Favorite Spot on Campus

This Sunday, the Spring weather that we’ve all been desperately waiting for arrived! It was a whopping 70 degrees and the majority of the students at Union took the opportunity to come outside and play! I, of course, headed to The Gardens – my absolute favorite spot on campus. (How many times have you guys heard me say that by now?) My good friend, Remy, accompanied me, and while our initial plan was to do work, we quickly got distracted and ended up lounging around amongst a patch of yellow buttercups right beneath the Weeping Willow tree! After three hours of flower-fun...

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Photo A Day III

Hi all! Here are the next 6 photos in my “Photo A Day” series! April 14th,2013 – April 19th, 2013 On April 14th, 2013 I spent most of the afternoon in the Unity Room doing work. These pins are always on display (and available for any student to take) and so I decided to snap a photo of them. They’re always a nice reminder! On April 15th, 2013 I admired this beautiful tapestry (it covers the table in the Unity Room). I’ve been looking for the perfect tapestry for my own dorm room for awhile but have yet to find one. On April 16th,...

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