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Tara Kitchen- Moroccan Cuisine

I’ve written about a lot of eating spots in Schenectady before, including the delicious Persian Bite (which has recently moved closer to campus, right down Union Street), Cafe Nola, and Bombers. One restaurant in Schenectady that I always wanted to go to is named Tara Kitchen. The other day, my mother and I went to eat at the Moroccan spot. It’s kind of hidden, located kitty-corner from the Schenectady post office, which is right near Jay Street and Proctor’s. We were seated one floor up from the bar, where it was very warm. The actual outside was not as...

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Return to NY

Because Union has trimesters, we have a six-week break starting at Thanksgiving break and continuing into the beginning of the New Year. Break is the perfect time to do something exciting as not many other people are home at the same time. Many students use this time to travel on a Union mini-term or on their own, or get an internship. I spent this past winter break in Seattle, staying with family. The infamous Pike’s Place Market in Seattle Rather than being at home in NH, where I would undoubtedly be spending money to visit people, my aunt let...

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Winter Break Plans

Union’s schedule is pretty strange. We don’t get out until June, and we have all of December off. This fall I have been quietly freaking out over what I would do for break. Unlike a lot of my friends who have each other at home during break to hang out with, it’s just me. I live in rural New Hampshire and there really aren’t many (or any…we don’t have any businesses in my town) that would hire me just for 6 weeks. My first two winter breaks were spent working at a ski mountain teaching lessons. Ideally, this would...

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As a senior at college, I feel like this year was one of my last years to really go all out for Halloween. As such, I took advantage of three nights, though I am most satisfied with my Friday and Saturday costumes. On Friday night I was petulance, one of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, alongside war, death, and famine.   On Saturday night, in trend with my social media emoji costume last year, I was one of the snapchat filters. My friend and I painted our faces like the puking rainbow snapchat that was very popular earlier...

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Lab Getting “Fruity”

As I mentioned in an earlier post, sometimes my plant biology class gets to take field trips. This past week, we took a field trip to the Steinmetz courtyard to look at fruit. We are currently learning about angiosperms, which are flowering seed plants. We cut up tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, oranges, and the like to determine how they are defined. I learned that a raspberry is not a berry, but an aggregate fruit. And that a tomato is a berry. What a world we live in! After this portion of the lab, I took the remains to the compost in...

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In Our “Field”

This term I am taking a class called “Plant Biology”. Last week we were able to take a trip to a nearby wetland–more specifically a fen– and take sphagnum moss samples to analyze in the lab. Taking a bus trip to Niskayuna, walking through the preserve to the wetland, and collecting samples took up a few hours. We wore white insect-repellant suits, and jammed sticks into the ground to measure the distance to the water table. We collected three different kinds of moss to test for carbon content. It was a great way to get outside during the beautiful...

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Scratching Away the Rainy Days

It’s been pretty rainy at Union this week…that means a lot of time indoors to sit around with your roommates. Once all the movies and TV shows run out (trust me, it can happen!), my roommates and I like to sit around and do scratch art. Originally i bought the box of colorful paper hidden by black film as a generic christmas gift to “that friend who gives you something and you didn’t get them something”. I always need to have something on deck just in case. But i kept it for myself once I realized how much fun it could be. Now...

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The Return of Rathskeller

My freshman and sophomore year, the Rathskeller, located below Old Chapel, was a dining staple. Whether it be late night bacon fries and burgers (open until 1 am on select nights), or a milkshake after lunch, Skeller was always an option. . . . . .Until the summer before last when it flooded. Tragedy was upon us. They kept saying it would be renovated. . .by the end of Fall Term 2014, the end of Winter Term 2015. . .mid Spring Term 2015. . .alas, it was not in business for any of my junior year. This year, though,...

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Updates that matter: Snapchat wins

Snapchat has really been killing it these past few years. For many, including myself, it is the dominant form of social media. Union even has it’s own Snapchat geotag (pictured below). Every now and then the “Snapchat Team” sends out some new updates. Yesterday they came out with a pretty fun one. I’m not sure how much it will be used after the novelty wears off (people trying it out on their pets?), but for now it’s just fun to play around with. Here are some images of the new update, if you haven’t gotten it yet.  ...

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