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Elected!!! 0


This week, I ran for office. I wanted to get involve in student forum and represent my class. After a hard week of campaigning, I am the ViceĀ President of my class. I so honored that my classmates voted for...

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Israel…An apartheid state or Not 0

Israel…An apartheid state or Not

Last week, an article in The Concordy ( student newspaper). The article argued that Israel is an apartheid state. I do not agree with that statement. So when my friend,Adam Becker, asked me to publish a...

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The Pursuit of Spring Term 0

The Pursuit of Spring Term

This weekend, it was warm out. The sun came out and campus was full with happy vibes. And these are some picture that captured those moments.   Evan chilling outside of the library for a minute before he...

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Badly Behaved Women

I am taking a Sophomore research that is focusing on the social behavior of women through history. It embraces the idea of how women are treated in the world by men. As I went/going through history, I have...

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My spring weekend 0

My spring weekend

Spring weekends are the best. I always look forward to them after I get my work done. This first weekend back was awesome. Chi Psi was having a party Saturday night. I went over at 9pm to the mixer that we...

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