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This week, I ran for office. I wanted to get involve in student forum and represent my class. After a hard week of campaigning, I am the Vice President of my class. I so honored that my classmates voted for me. It is such a privilege to hold office here at Union. I cannot wait for my first meeting. My main goal is crack down on the Minerva budget.  Although debates on campus aim to get ride of the Minerva houses, I do not agree. I believe that the Minerva system adds a different feeling to Union and creates for a diverse...

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Israel…An apartheid state or Not

Last week, an article in The Concordy ( student newspaper). The article argued that Israel is an apartheid state. I do not agree with that statement. So when my friend,Adam Becker, asked me to publish a response that he wrote, I was more than happy to do so. To make things easier, I have copied and pasted The Concordy article so that you read it before you read the response. Another take on Israel, the ‘apartheid state’ by Katie Barner Peace talks between Israel and Palestine have come to a halt once again. Secretary of State John Kerry attempted...

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The Pursuit of Spring Term

This weekend, it was warm out. The sun came out and campus was full with happy vibes. And these are some picture that captured those moments.   Evan chilling outside of the library for a minute before he goes back in there. Sofia and Rachel eating lunch by the Nott. Bonnie being Bonnie by the Nott. Shades+Smile+ Reflection of me= Happy Spring Spring is here!!        ...

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Badly Behaved Women

I am taking a Sophomore research that is focusing on the social behavior of women through history. It embraces the idea of how women are treated in the world by men. As I went/going through history, I have noticed injustice. It never about the law. It’s about the people. Everyone deserves equal grounds. It is such luck that we are all are. That luck should push to embrace who we are and what we do. Because at the end of the day, the more you know yourself, the easier it becomes to surround yourself with the people who know your best. We are people and we deserve to be. We deserve to decide.  And today I found two videos that made me think of my class. Check them out, if you can. Badly Behaved Women Badly Behaved...

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My spring weekend

Spring weekends are the best. I always look forward to them after I get my work done. This first weekend back was awesome. Chi Psi was having a party Saturday night. I went over at 9pm to the mixer that we had with Gamma Phi Beta. These are a few of the brothers during the mixer. Gamma Phi Beta came over to our house and all the brothers were downstairs hanging out with them. It was fun because there was good music and good people as always. And as the party goes on, brothers start dancing and having fun....

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Spring Break ….Now back at the U

Over Spring Break, I went to a concert in NYC. I saw the Bassjackers at Webster Hall. It was a totally different experience for me. EDM concerts are really fun but sometimes, they get so crowded, it makes everything less fun. I stayed at the concert for 2 hours and I left to go to Brooklyn. My aunt was in Brooklyn so I visited her. I also had one friend from Union with me, Rachel Refkin. She and I ventured around Brooklyn. We went to my favorite Crepe restaurant. On Saturday night, I was on the rooftop of an...

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My favorite class at Union

I value education a lot. And one thing that I admire about Union is the professor and how you can find your interest here. Most people come to college to study something that they can make money with later. I am here to learn. I have no long-term goals. I believe in power of education. A well-educated mind allows you to find yourself. How much money I am making does not come before my personal happiness or enjoyment of my work. If I am happy doing something, I am happy to not get paid for it.   That might...

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Union for Venezuela

I am a Political Science major focusing on International Relations. For that reason, and because I care a lot about what is going on in the world, I tend to pay a lot of attention to what is going on around the world. Venezuela is under my radar because it is located in South America and has a lot of oil. But the people of Venezuela are not free. They do not have access to the wealth of their own land. So the students took the street to protest against the government. It is chaos in Venezuela right now....

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A special Sunday

Every Sunday, I usually go to Hindu temple. I have explored Hinduism since the beginning of last year. It is such a vibrant cultural eye-opening for me. And when I go, I experience something new. This Sunday, I went to temple in the company of professor Witsoe and his Contemporary India class. He took them there in order for them to get a better idea of what Hinduism looks like and to give them a life visual of what they read in the book.   After an hour at the temple were the student got a chance to ask  lot...

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Hijab for a day

Most people think that Hijab is a veil that Islāmic women wear behind the age of puberty in the presence of adult men outside of their immediate families. While that is true but that is not the whole truth.  In order to spread that message, the Multi-faith association decided to ask women on campus to wear the hijab for a day and at the end of the day, everyone who wore it came together to learn and to discuss their experiences with the hijab.   I always attend multi-faith discussions because I always learn something new and in other to learn more, at the beginning of the event, I asked the women who wore the hijab why they decided to wear it. And these are the answers I got.                     By the end of the event, I understood that the hijab is a sign of respect towards Allah, God. Women are suppose to wear it when they feel ready to completely devote their self to living according to the rules of the Islāmic faith. It is a sign of selflessness to their faith. Isn’t that beautiful? I think it is, because it is rare to find someone who can devote themselves to something that they cannot see nor touch stay faithful to it.                ...

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