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dear graduating seniors, 0

dear graduating seniors,

If life were a book, Union would be my favorite chapter. In the beginning, we – the protagonists – set out from our hometowns. For some of us that may have been three miles away in Niskayuna, for others that...

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in the next week… 0

in the next week…

By this point you probably have come to realize that I am quite the planner and live religiously by my schedule (see here and here), but this next week will probably be my craziest of college yet. Why? Not...

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reUnion weekend 0

reUnion weekend

  ReUnion Weekend is always the best at Union. Sure we have Homecoming (see here) and Springfest (see here) and those two weekends are often touted as the best at Union, but something about ReUnion...

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block party 0

block party

Last weekend Culinary House and I participated in the Annual Theme House Block Party at Ozone House. The event was super successful (the weather was sooo nice) and we contributed some homemade bubble tea to...

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networking 0


A lot of you are probably headed off to summer internships in the next few weeks, if not earlier. You might think the most difficult part is over (you got the position!), but the most difficult part is just...

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