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Argentina Mini Term Abroad

“As I finish up my last year here at Union College, I tell everyone to take advantage of the countless study abroad opportunities that the college has to offer. If I can do it, anyone can.” – Kelsey Savoy ’17

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New Zealand Mini-Term

One of the reasons I chose to attend Union was the emphasis on study abroad opportunities. So for me to be able to graduate with a degree in electrical engineering after 4 years and say that I have studied abroad is a true blessing. -Jackson Doughty ’17

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On the Banks of the River Thames

Now for the 3rd entry from my mini-term abroad in London! Once you get the hang of using the underground and walking around the city, London begins to feel much smaller and incredibly accessible. Throughout the mini-term, the River Thames became a point of reference that helped tie our various day trips together…

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London Mini-Term: Spontaneous Tourism

This past December, I had the adventure of my undergraduate career and went on a mini-term abroad to London to study theater and dance. I’ve been a lover of theater and a dancer for fourteen years, and even though I am not majoring or minoring in either, I was able to check a number of items off my bucket list and experience theater and another country like never before…

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Satisfying Our Hunger In Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary was one of my favorite places to visit on my study abroad! The food was absolutely incredible and I enjoyed visiting the thermal baths, the Alexander Book Cafe, and visiting a church that was built into a hill! Read about my experiences here! 🙂

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