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The ID Major

There are many great reasons to attend Union College. One of those was not really made apparent to me until this year, but makes my education here even better than I believe it could be elsewhere. What is it? The ID Major. I am a student who finds the liberal arts side of things to be easier than the science and engineering side. However, nothing makes me feel more accomplished than being able to understand and enjoy the sciences. Enter Geology. Rocks are awesome, and once I discovered that, I declared Geology as my major immediately (having Classics as...

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Union College Resources: Becker Career Center

If you’re anything like me, you can admittedly say that you have a (unique) bittersweet attraction towards finding and pursuing a career that fits your interest, while continuously uncovering ways to get your feet wet before the working world sucks you in. Perhaps, doing something worthwhile with your life low-key excites you and you refuse to let your age limit you, so you’d rather start young. Well, below is a short narrative on how one resource at Union College helped me get a summer internship: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Since November of last year, I’ve been researching a career in Speech-Language Pathology...

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What it’s Like to Write an English Thesis

Thesis.  The second most popular talking point for seniors behind post-grad plans.  Thesis is simultaneously the bane and triumph of a senior’s existence. From what I’ve gathered talking with other senior thesis students, the process is unique to each department.  Some students carry out a study and write a report, some create art or design a machine, some compose a research paper.  As an English major, my thesis was a literary analysis. My specific thesis looked at contemporary dystopian fiction and analyzed Biblical archetypes and environmental apocalypse in three novels.  I came to arrive at this topic after realizing that...

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Dealing with Stress

College is stressful.  There is no denying that.  Readings, labs, papers, projects, and tests can build up in the blink of an eye.  On top of it all is clubs, work, exercise, social lives, adequate sleep, and elusive “you” time.  It’s no wonder then when you’re running from place to place breathlessly that the panic of getting it all done can become volcanic.   Everyone else seems to have all these things balanced, so why can’t we college students figure it out?  Oftentimes “real” adults (aka, those out in the real world with apartments and dogs and office jobs) rag on...

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Must-Read Books for Spring Break

A perk of being an English major: you get to read books. A con of being an English major: you have to read books (that often don’t interest you, that is). It’s a bittersweet reality. When your academia demands so much of something you enjoy, you have to be careful not to lose your love for the activity. What I often do is take advantage of my college breaks to “binge” on books that I personally pick and want to read—as opposed to reading something for a grade. Don’t get me wrong, the books I’ve been assigned to read...

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Looking into Union’s Rare Book Collection

For Professor Kuhn’s “Enlightenment and Romanticism” class, the same one which took us earlier this term to a production of Candide (read about that here), had a date with librarian Annette LeClair, Director of Collections and Technical Services, to meet some of Union’s rare books and learn about Union’s history in the Enlightenment. We gathered in the Phi Beta Kappa room on the second floor of the library to flip through and learn a bit about the history of the books and Union’s libraries.  Union was founded in 1795, back when Schenectady was mostly a wilderness town, to its establishment was...

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A Look Back to Last Winter

There are always some days that are dreary during winter term. Luckily, there are many things that can brighten such days, and last winter it was the great course, Geology 203 – Lakes and Environmental Change, that did the trick for me! -Julie Sophis ’17

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