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What it’s Like to Write an English Thesis

Thesis.  The second most popular talking point for seniors behind post-grad plans.  Thesis is simultaneously the bane and triumph of a senior’s existence. From what I’ve gathered talking with other senior thesis students, the process is unique to each department.  Some students carry out a study and write a report, some create art or design a machine, some compose a research paper.  As an English major, my thesis was a literary analysis. My specific thesis looked at contemporary dystopian fiction and analyzed Biblical archetypes and environmental apocalypse in three novels.  I came to arrive at this topic after realizing that...

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Looking into Union’s Rare Book Collection

For Professor Kuhn’s “Enlightenment and Romanticism” class, the same one which took us earlier this term to a production of Candide (read about that here), had a date with librarian Annette LeClair, Director of Collections and Technical Services, to meet some of Union’s rare books and learn about Union’s history in the Enlightenment. We gathered in the Phi Beta Kappa room on the second floor of the library to flip through and learn a bit about the history of the books and Union’s libraries.  Union was founded in 1795, back when Schenectady was mostly a wilderness town, to its establishment was...

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Seeing Bernstein’s _Candide_

We started off my “Enlightenment and Romanticism” class with Professor Kuhn by reading Voltaire’s famously satirical novella Candide (which is hysterical, by the way).  Professor Kuhn told us on the first day of class that Leonard Bernstein’s “musical/opera” version of Candide was running in NYC and after so much success, had an extended run that just happened to coincide with our reading schedule.  So Professor Kuhn applied for a grant for our class of 10 to make the trip and see it! Sign that descended before intermission, reading “New World in 15 Minutes” We left Union at 8:30 on Saturday morning, arrived in...

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Victory Day 2016 at Union

On May 8, 1945, Nazi high officers signed documents to officially surrender to Allied forces. In most of the world, May 8 is celebrated as Victory in Europe Day. In Russia, Victory Day is celebrated on May 9. This is because in Moscow, it was already May 9 by the time the Nazi generals surrendered in Berlin. May 9 is a national holiday in Russia, a day taken to honor veterans of World War II and to remember the sacrifices of Soviet soldiers and citizens during the war. In Moscow, they still hold a military parade in Red Square every...

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It’s spring term!  Which means a clean slate, warm weather and everything is turning green again!  I’m so extremely thankful that spring is finally here.  But it’s a little less exciting when you have incomplete courses to finish (like me). I left winter term early due to a family emergency which ultimately led to my mother passing away.  My mother is my best friend, so it isn’t an easy thing to get through. Now I have last term’s courses to finish while I dive into this term.  It’s a little stressful, to say the least.  But I really want to take the...

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