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What it’s Like to Write an English Thesis

Thesis.  The second most popular talking point for seniors behind post-grad plans.  Thesis is simultaneously the bane and triumph of a senior’s existence. From what I’ve gathered talking with other senior thesis students, the process is unique to each department.  Some students carry out a study and write a report, some create art or design a machine, some compose a research paper.  As an English major, my thesis was a literary analysis. My specific thesis looked at contemporary dystopian fiction and analyzed Biblical archetypes and environmental apocalypse in three novels.  I came to arrive at this topic after realizing that...

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A Look Back to Last Winter

There are always some days that are dreary during winter term. Luckily, there are many things that can brighten such days, and last winter it was the great course, Geology 203 – Lakes and Environmental Change, that did the trick for me! -Julie Sophis ’17

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TBT: Study Abroad in Seville, Spain

As I promised in my post “Sharing ‘From Away,'” here is my lengthy and nostalgic post about my study abroad experience in Seville, Spain last fall.  Let me start by saying that the study abroad program to Seville was not my first choice.  By “first choice,” I mean that students are allowed to apply to and rank up to two study abroad programs during the fall term (since the trimester system makes fall the most popular study abroad term).  While applying I ranked York, England as my first choice program, being an English major and having a long-lived obsession with all things...

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Trimesters at Union

Let’s take a few minutes to talk about trimesters. Something that sets Union apart from most colleges and universities in America is its trimester system. Contrary to the norm, we have three terms instead of two and we take three classes for ten weeks each. This works out so we get a six-week winter break from Thanksgiving to just after New Year’s, and while we get out a little later in the summer, we don’t have to go back to school until early September. By the time we’re out of school for Thanksgiving break, we’ve completely finished with our...

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In Our “Field”

This term I am taking a class called “Plant Biology”. Last week we were able to take a trip to a nearby wetland–more specifically a fen– and take sphagnum moss samples to analyze in the lab. Taking a bus trip to Niskayuna, walking through the preserve to the wetland, and collecting samples took up a few hours. We wore white insect-repellant suits, and jammed sticks into the ground to measure the distance to the water table. We collected three different kinds of moss to test for carbon content. It was a great way to get outside during the beautiful...

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Minerva Fellows

With the Minerva System Union students have a chance to continue to learn even after they graduate college. Through Minerva Fellows Program, although very competitive, students are given the opportunity to travel to the developing countries learn about, and fight poverty, and help improve the living conditions of the indigenous people. Students of different disciplines spend a year abroad, and work with small businesses, schools, hospitals, and charity organizations etc. After they complete their program, the Minerva Fellows are invited back on campus to share their experiences with the rest of the Union student and faculty body. This past...

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Student Research Projects

This last Wednesday the students in Sophomore Research Seminar classes presented their papers. The  students had to show the outline, primary and secondary sources for their research in the form of a poster. This was a good way to organize thoughts and to think about the format of the research paper. Two weeks before we presented to the public, we had to do an in-class presentation. The professor gave feedback on how to improve the posters, and certain aspects of our delivery of the presentation. On the day of the presentation, the students had a chance to present their...

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