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Union College Resources: Becker Career Center

If you’re anything like me, you can admittedly say that you have a (unique) bittersweet attraction towards finding and pursuing a career that fits your interest, while continuously uncovering ways to get your feet wet before the working world sucks you in. Perhaps, doing something worthwhile with your life low-key excites you and you refuse to let your age limit you, so you’d rather start young. Well, below is a short narrative on how one resource at Union College helped me get a summer internship: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Since November of last year, I’ve been researching a career in Speech-Language Pathology...

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In relation to my unhealthy infatuation and undying love for “So You Think You Can Dance,” “America’s Best Dance Crew,” and every “Step Up” movie created, dance is one of my favorite Art forms. I’m no pro, but I’m a dancer at heart. I began my dancing endeavors in the most stereotypical fashion: ballet at age 3, followed by dance courses in contemporary and hip hop dance, and a few talent shows and competitions here and there.

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Punk Show at Union Signifies Diversity of Events

Something that makes Union’s event programming so diverse is the freedom of student involvement. We’re given opportunities to utilize club resources including budgets and spaces to hold events that we think will benefit student life at Union. I think not making use of these opportunities is a sore misuse of time at Union. I’ve involved myself with a number of clubs because I’ve enjoyed being a part of planning events and setting them into motion, and the satisfaction of seeing other students enjoying the events is part of the appeal for me as well. That’s why I’ve involved myself so...

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Thank U

There are two days of classes left in Spring term, and one class left for me in my undergraduate career. I’ve had a lot of time over the past few weeks to reflect on my past four years here at Union and the only thing I can think of to say is: Thank You. During high school all you hear about is how college is the best four years of your life.  While I can’t speak to that now because I have no idea what will happen during the rest of my life, I can say that the past four...

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Minerva Fellows

With the Minerva System Union students have a chance to continue to learn even after they graduate college. Through Minerva Fellows Program, although very competitive, students are given the opportunity to travel to the developing countries learn about, and fight poverty, and help improve the living conditions of the indigenous people. Students of different disciplines spend a year abroad, and work with small businesses, schools, hospitals, and charity organizations etc. After they complete their program, the Minerva Fellows are invited back on campus to share their experiences with the rest of the Union student and faculty body. This past...

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Networking Dinner with President’s Council

A couple weeks ago, all students were sent an email inviting us to a networking dinner. The first 40 students who replied were reserved spots to go. It was organized in a way that sat people with council members who were involved in our field of interest. I was seated at the table with a nonprofit/activism theme. We all discussed our interests and the President Council member helped us by talking about her experiences and giving us some contacts to reach out to. It was definitely an opportunity I’m glad I jumped upon, having no expectations of what it was...

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Something You Didn’t Know About Union

My brother, currently a senior at LA High School in Groton, applied to Union this year.  Last week when filling out his application, he sent me a text saying, “Tell me something about Union to answer this question: What stands out to you about Union and what has inspired you to apply?” I could have told him about Union recently being ranked among the twenty most beautiful colleges in America, or about Union’s academic and athletic excellence, but I thought those were very obvious facts and he already knew them. So I told him what inspires me about Union...

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U Connects

As part of the Union Alumni Speaker Series, Erin Schumaker ’09 was on Campus last week. While at Union, Erin studied English and Spanish and she went on to get her Master’s degree in Journalism from Northwestern University. Erin talked to the current Union students about her experience of working with the deported immigrants in the Mexico-US border. She also discussed her journalism endeavors from her time at the luxury travel magazine, her contribution with The Nation, Departures, Motherboard and her current job as a health-blogs editor for The Huffington Post. It was a great opportunity for the Union...

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Parents Weekend

My parents and my girlfriend came to visit me Saturday and Sunday for Homecoming and Parents Weekend at Union. They arrived at 9am sharp on Saturday and we began our weekend with a nice brunch at the Peter Pause Restaurant across on Nott Street across from Union. I’ve eaten at the diner-style restaurant quite a few times with my friends, and this time I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the restaurant uses vegetable margarine and has gluten-free bread. This made it so the entire family could eat safely within the confines of their dietary concerns. Following breakfast we...

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