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Oktoberfest at Union

Golub, one of the Minervas, has an annual Oktoberfest event for the whole campus. Last year I wasn’t able to make it, but this year I made it a point to stop by. As soon as I got there, I heard a German singing group and saw crowds of people having fun. There were parents, alumni, and students alike. Inside there was a grill making traditional German foods, and inside there were other foods and beer for those 21 and over. I also saw the Garnet Minstrels, the all-female acapella group, perform. I got to meet some parents that...

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homecoming and gone

Well, Union’s annual Homecoming and Family weekend has unfortunately already come and gone. We literally had the best weather ever this weekend and I don’t know if our campus has ever looked more beautiful (which is saying something, because we might have the most beautiful college campus in the northeast). I was looking forward to myriad things this weekend (here was my little list), but of course the things you enjoy most about a weekend are never the things you expect; I went to Bowtie Cinemas in Downtown Schenectady on Friday to see Gravity which was incredible and terrifying (but...

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Homecoming Weekend

I didn’t really do anything for homecoming, but my mom did come to visit! We weren’t really sure what we wanted to do, so we decided to play it by ear. When looking over the different things going on for the day, we saw that there were family photos being taken at Abbe Hall. It said we should have made a reservation, but we went anyways and they were happy to take us. Anyways, I’d never been to Abbe Hall, nor did I even know where it was. My mom is obsessed with houses and furniture and everything so...

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a very welcome weekend

This weekend marks Union’s annual Homecoming and Family Weekend. While a lot of other colleges and universities have their fall breaks right about now, I think we’re even luckier to be able to invite our friends and family to our beautiful campus this weekend to celebrate a new school year and new possibilities. There is an incredible number of events going on this weekend, but if you have to prioritize just a special few, here are my top picks:   Friday 10/11: 12:50-2:05pm — Pilates with Christine Geren — Not only is this going to be a super fun,...

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Luckiest Girl at the Greek Awards!

This past Friday afternoon was the annual Greek Awards ceremony. The past three years, I’ve been there to cheer on Gamma Phi Beta and the other Greek organizations on campus as their amazing accomplishments are commemorated with awards, plaques, and honors. This year, I  was unbelievably lucky enough to be honored myself- I was named Greek Woman of the Year AND received a Greek Scholar Award for high academic standing. I was absolutely shocked when my name was called (my friends on either side of me insist I was shaking, but I’m not so sure), and I’m still completely...

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homecoming and alums!

This weekend marks Union’s highly-anticipated annual ReUnion Weekend! Last year was a blast and I am even more excited this year because I’ll be able to catch up with some close friends of mine who only became alumni one short year ago! The schedule for the weekend is absolutely packed and with countless BBQs, tours, craft fairs, speakers, and of course the incredible fireworks display, everyone is bound to have a garnet-tastic time! I’ll be tweeting and instgramming all weekend at @catziac and don’t forget to follow the other Union happenings at the hashtags: #UAlumni #SpringatU #unionunfiltered Have an awesome weekend and I hope to see you out and about on our...

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This year’s AIPAC Policy Conference was truly tremendous! I couldn’t have asked for a more informative and inspiring three days in our nation’s capital. As a Catholic I was undoubtedly in the minority, but as a member of the Union College community I certainly was not! The trip was filled with more Union alumni and random Union connections than I ever could have anticipated considering the conference was nearly six times the size of our school… I reinforced two very important feelings during this trip: I love Israel and I LOVE Union...

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Bill Nye the Science Guy! (Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!)

I just got word that Union’s Winter Term Speaker will be none other than Bill Nye.  That’s right, folks.  Bill Nye the Science Guy!  He’ll be speaking on March 13th at 6:30pm in the Memorial Chapel. I, for one, am stoked about this.  The man’s a legend.  When I was in elementary school and the custodians wheeled the big, clunky TV ratchet-strapped to the metal cart into the room, you knew you were either going to watch Bill Nye or the Magic School Bus and it was going to be a good day.  As someone who was always better...

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If UCAN hopefully I can, too!

This week everyone has been talking about post-graduation plans. Law school acceptances, grad school interviews, job applications have, for some reason, ALL been happening this week. While I obviously feel so happy for my classmates and friends figuring out what amazing things they’ll be doing with their futures, each time I hear news I can’t help but think of how jealous I am. The programs I apply to don’t send decisions until at least the beginning of March, but I’ve still been extra aware of how unprepared I am right now for life after graduation in June. Prompted by the graduation panic, I went to a Becker Career Center informational session on UCAN- the Union Career Advisory Network database. This new program allows Union students to contact over 7,000 Union Alums or “Friends of the College” (most often parents of Union students or alums) about their professional careers, whether it be the work force or graduate school programs. I was so excited to learn about this awesome networking opportunity that I’ve momentarily paused my post-grad panic… Here’s hoping it lasts until...

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interview tips

I posted a bunch about my time interviewing, working, and exploring down in New York City during this winter break on my personal blog, TheGarnetLetter, but I’ve decided to share some of my pertinent vacation posts here so that y’all have easier access to some of the positive (and negative!) lessons I learned throughout my trials and tribulations: There’s a moment in every young person’s life when they realize that they are no longer a young person and that it’s time to get a job. This person is you. This moment is now. Yes, I know, you’re still in...

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